I'd rather die than go to school. Anyone with me on that?
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I hated high school, bullied and looked down on, but I took those bad experiences and turned them into lessons to make myself stronger. Don't give up!

Every one in my family has been home schooled

No. :P

I like the concept of school and education, but I think its execution is off a bit. Anyways I won't mind going back and seeing everyone again (:


everyone feels that way about school (or work) sometimes

School can go die while I live without it and it's stupidity

I completely agree. Plus school is nothing like real life.

It really isn't even if they taught us about life they'll leave stuff out because it won't be on the test so why bother learning it in there view

I am🙋🔫

I love high school!

I used to like school. Depends on if your friends are **** or not.

Then get rid of the **** ones and get new ones.

The only way you'll enjoy yourself is if you let yourself.

I am. Though, I have to go so that I can gain a decent living in the future.

I'm only going to prove some people wrong