I'll be going into my senior year tomorrow and honestly, im scared.
The day before my first day of freshman year, i was told by my parents and a few of their friends that i wasnt going to be able to graduate. That i wasnt going to do good in school because i didnt walk the stage of promotion in eighth grade.
Freshman year finally came and i didnt do so well. I failed 3 classes the last trimester. Again, i was told i wasnt going to graduate.
Sophomore year came, i did a little better than freshman year. Not the greatest, but still better.
Junior year, i did a lot better. I had only failed one class (still not good but better than two or three F's)
Senior year starts tomorrow. Im only 5 credits behind which is only one class that i need. Im at 175 right now and i have to be at 220 cedits by the end of senior year.
It will be possible and i will walk that stage at gradution. I will prove my parents and their friends wrong.
MeeeKazz MeeeKazz
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Good luck! Don't look back😊

Your parents are ******* ********

Go for it!!

Thank you! :)

Np :)