I don't want to go to college. I don't like school, it's not something that interests me. I'm going to suffer through high school; but I don't know if I can force myself through college. I feel like school is mainly just taking ****. If you look at kids with the best grades they are often not the smartest kids in the class, they are kids that are very good at being **** riders and doing what they're told. I would rather die then work in a boring office job and I feel like the best path to that job is higher education. There was a book published recently that was written by an ex-professor from Yale. About 2/3 of the kids coming out of ivy leagues go into professions like finance or law. Essentially school killed there creativity. No way to 60% of kids want to be bankers and lawyers. I'd be very happy working on cars or welding. I really like to work with my hands. I'm also creative and like art. Id e happy as a designer of shoes, or clothes or cars. The people I know in these fields often do not have college educations. I'm curious as too why so many of my peers are so set on attending a univesity?
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I don't believe you know anyone who is a (successful) designer and doesn't have a college degree. We are at a place in our society where you have to have a bachelors to have a good life. You might know of people in the past (Disney) who didn't, but that isn't now.

No he works for Microsoft and makes retarded amounts of money as a graphic designer. He dropped out of college and got his now wife to drop out with him.

He doesn't have a degree in graphic design from a non-4 year school?

He went to college but dropped out. So yeah, he learned some stuff, but no he siding stay and get a degree.

You're awfully young to make that rash of a decision. Why don't you like it? You DO know you can't get any decent jobs without at LEAST finishing high school, right? People who don't graduate have a hard time getting jobs at all, much less ones that can support you living independently, or if you were to have a family.

Walt Disney was a high school dropout

There are people with no education, GEDs, highschool diplomas and college degrees have all failed and succeeded. Can I ask what you do for work?

So true. I feel as if school is doing a disservice to us. You should be able to get an education without the extra unneeded things that distract you, specifically annoying/ immature people. That's the main thing that bugs me the most.