Two days tell high school any advice?
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Lol almost for got I start Monday too I have this year and next year and I'm done I'm so excited I all ready know my class's and where they are high school honestly is really fun

I start Tuesday

Forgot lol it's Sunday I keep think Saturday sorry anyways well good luck the first day is always boring no matter what grade


Rehn65 your right that best advice and other people to homework is also best done right away but to add more to be you is just be your self that you want to be but don't let others change you to who they want you to be in the bible not sure if your religious but ill say it any I'm not afraid of rude comments as it is in the bible in Romans 12:2 says don't copy the customs and behavior of this world but let god transform you into a new person by changing the way you think I take it to be your self but there are more then one way you can put this and one more thing walk into high school and everything with an open mind. Good luck hope this helps you

Ok thx

Don't be a douche bag

Ok thx guys

Be you

just be mature