Starting high school sept 4. And I was wondering if anyone had some advice. I really don't care what people think about me or like petty stuff like that. I just need to know how to manage my time with homework, I'm so bad at it!!! And now it's really gonna count... I should really start by finishing my summer work. I'm a procrastinator help!!!!
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Well I'm in my last year in HS. Most people find it dreadful the first year or two but when you become older and become an upper level class man your gonna realize how fast time flies by. Your gonna be like "Damn where did the years go" .. Just stay true to who you are .. I can not stress that enough. Peer pressure does exist. And make it a great experience - NYC GIRL

I'm a sophomore 👋👌😂 I was in your place last year . Honestly it's just school . Homework & classes . Once you get home do your work immediately . Get into bed by a reasonable time so you're focused in the morning . Set aside at least 2 hours of homework time and then take a break for dinner , snacks etc . Study the chapter once you begin it in class and work ahead to get A's. Take notes on the chapters you learned out of the textbook and save those papers for exams . Exams are tests on the entire semester . The rest like social stuff doesn't really matter . Keep your circle small , don't talk about people and stay drama free . Your main priority should be grades so you can get into a good college . Good luck hun 😊

Thank you! 😘

Just be yoself. N do homework when yuu first get home then yuu got the rest the night to chill no worries.

Join a sport/club = instant friends
I was in volleyball and I did cheer for two years

I'm doing volleyball also! Preseason started and it's painful but I like it. I think I'm gonna join a SAT club if they have it or something to do with writing.

I'm starting on same day

My advice, find the right friends. Cuz the wrong ones will bring u down