I Was Jumped

I was in ninth grade it was around third period This girl came up to me and i did not even know her she said she wanted to fight me I thought she was kidding so i continued on to my locker and she poked me i was like ok i thought she was going to just go away so i turned around and put my books in my locker and she punched me in the back of the head i was totally knocked out i woke up a couple minutes later with her sitting on my chest pounding me in the face i had no idea what happened i just wanted to get her off me so i kicked her and punched her till she got off of me In my school when you get in a fight you both get sent to court I got sent to court i told my principal she jumped me she punched me in the back of the head and he said well you participated you hit her back. I hit her back after i woke up and realized what was going on so i still got sent to court even though i clearly had no involvement in the fight except as self defense an my principal said there is no self defense in this school i said ok how about i punch you in the back of the head and knock you out and when you wake up i will be punching you in the face but you won't be able to fight back and he said well that's different.

Tegan1992 Tegan1992
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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

That's such bullshit if somebody punches me in the back of the head I'm gonna punch them back, and if someone makes me go to court for punching back I'm gonna punch them to. I think the whole "Don't fight back tell a teacher" is ridiculous how the hell were you supposed to tell a teacher with someone sitting on top of you?