And I Hate It

school can be fun at times but the bad over powers that the people making laws on school are stupid doing more work does not create more oppertunitys  or ..... wait it does more oppertunitys to fail they think by making school harder theyre will magiclly be more jobs there are less and less jobs every day from automation and greedy sending jobs overseas also there are more people every day and that is going to continue and i understand that so why cant the people runing the country understand that

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LOOKS like you will have many more years there!

Oh yeah, and the degree to which outsourcing is done is probably detrimental, what with all the money therefore leaving our economy and going somewhere else.<br />
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I just hear a lot of people talking about it like it's the sole cause of the issue when It's really not.

im not saying that i disagree with outsorcing or anything like that im just saying that it is a contributing factor of the amount of jobs in a area

Whoa! <br />
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High School is here to teach us to use capitalization and punctuation, so that we don't have rushed blocks of text that make our lungs hurt to read with our eyes.<br />
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I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but think of it from the other side. America is a very service based country, though we have a very diverse economy with millions of jobs. Yes, we have a pretty high unemployment rate, and yeah, job competition is tough and not made better by outsourcing. <br />
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However, outsourcing makes the end product or service cheaper. Do you really want to pay even more for something, because of the strict minimum wage and labour policies in the US?<br />
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Also, by raising the bar in school, they're [the school workers] hoping that students will be motivated to perform harder. This makes for better future employees, who are used to working hard and getting things done on time. This makes for better alumni, which reflect positively on the school. And when the school looks good, more people will send their kids there, and the school can better itself and make more money.