And When This Is You, What Are You Supposed To Tell The People You Work For?

That I have an incredible pain that is interfering with my whole life and is never going to go away?

That I have something no doctor can ever fix?
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
4 Responses Jul 19, 2010

My own kind threw me away. I've seen all sorta of **** on this stupid planet, but this really proves "humanity" sucks

I am so sorry ILM :(* K hugs you, cuddles you and rubs your back*<br />
Please just know there are friends who care about you!<br />
I believe you will triumph though this alo!!<br />
Warm hugs, K.

It's sorta like having all your limbs sawed off. Not only does it hurt while it's happening, but then you can never use them anymore.

Hmmm. I wouldn't know what to say at all. The only thing I can imagine is a need to harness it for motivation. Use the pain to drive you. But honestly, I don't even know what kind of pain you're in, so I'm sorry for trying to assume. I shouldn't, but I do wish you the best. The only reason I said what I did is because every success story I've ever heard, like bear grills when he broke his back in three different places, they all used the pain to motivate them to become the achievements they are today. I can't tell you if their pain ever went away, tho. I'm sure a part of it will always stay with them forever. Sincerely all the best tho. You can always message me if you want.