I Really Like Him But He Doesn't Seem To Feel The Same

I met this guy on college. When I first met him, I never thought I would ever like him this way, but one day one of my friends started talking to me about him and just like that, boom, crush. I just can't explain this, it's not fair. I don't want to "fall in love" like this, with everyone who stands in front of me. The thing is my friend told me this guy I like told him I was really pretty, so I thought it would be easy. No, it wasn't. All the times we have talked, I have been the one who started the conversation. He answers me and acts nice, but I just think that if he doesn't start a conversation is because he is not into me. And one of these days I heard him say he thought one girl on his class is pretty too. So yeah, basically, I guess there's nothing I can really do. Asking him if he likes me is not a choice, because even if he isn't the type of guy who would say something harsh to me, my fear of rejection is too high. Well, this is my story and the main reason why I feel so depressed today.
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

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You are right. It sounds more like he views you as a friend. A guy can find a lot of girls attractive but might not be in love with any of them. Your best bet is to keep your options open and not focus on one guy who may or may not love you. Hope all goes well for you.