My Husband And I Have A Crush!

We have both fallen in love with a girl. I don't even know how this came about I have never liked girls and my husband has never cheated or been into another girl. I started crushing on this girl about the same time he did and we admitted it to each other the same night. We have a very honest relationship. We love her. I would be willing to go farther than a  three some and spend the rest of my life sharing my husband and myself with her. Is this weird?? I feel crazy... what is wrong with me?? I am truely honestly in love with her and so is my husband but I don't think he is nearly as in love as I am. I am obsessed. I want her to be ours. I want her to be happy. I want to be able to hold her in my arms when "our husband" isn't home. I want my husband to hold her in his arms. I want him to hold us both in his arms and sleep with us and I am willing to share 100%. Sexually, emotionally, physically.... whatever it takes... But the bad thing is she doesnt even realise how into her we are she thinks we are just friends. How can this be happening??

**Please be respectful, but I do want honest opinions and feel free to ask me any questions to give me better opinions**

***P.S. I thought so far into this I want us to live in the same house and I want us both to be married to my husband and I want her to have a goregous wedding as i did of her choice :)
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

The excitement has taken over for you, obviously. You seem so into this idea. I suggest you take a step back and just consider the consequences of what you are doing. Take it slowly. Adding someone to your marriage...a lifetime commitment....should be a process that takes time and consideration. I wish you all the best. See if she's willing to go on a date first and take it from there. Good luck.

First, your putting your hubby in a heck of a spot, he is the one who will go to jail when it is found out, just living together keeps the law out.