i'm in a long-term relationship..met this guy in college 3 years ago..and we're doing fine. it's just that sometimes i'm afraid of the future.. he's not in the same religion with me, but for me, that is not a problem at all. cos if it's meant to be, there's nothing that can be in between. i've been accepting the fact that, someday, we may not be together again.. cos my family is sort of very choosy, especially when it comes to matters like this. i told him that if there comes a day where he have to choose, i hope that he will know what to do. i will fight for my happiness, of course..
but then, when i think of it..we are still very young, and i will only be 21 this november, so this is not a matter that we should be worry of for now. it is complicated, but i wish not to complicate things more.. sometimes i think bout it too much, but i know that, hey, who knows bout the future right? i know that fate will bring us together, if we're meant for each other.
and i know he understands. we've been discussing the issue, and agreed that for now, we will hold on to each other. breaking up is not an option for now..cos doing that means we're giving up too early on something uncertain..
as long as we try our best, what comes next, just leave it to God's hands..
hazsha hazsha
18-21, F
May 31, 2007