Will Never Be Together. :( But True Love.

Yes! I am in love. i must say, deeply in love..He love me too.. but there are just a few problems.. The one I love is in love with another girl as well. they were committed even before he told his love for me and later on I admitted my deep rooted love for him. this has been going on for the past one and a half years. He loves both. i didnt care about it in the beginning but now just feel so foolish to have become so close with him. I cannot imagine a life with someone else. I cannot accept him marrying her. Their relation will surely end up in tieing the knot, and I will be out of the game. But he loves me too.. He is too possessive about me. He always says he wont let me go out of his life,which I wish would come true. I just love him so much..I feel like He is my life. Though he has got all those things which I absolutely dont like in him, I love him so much. I just fel like a piece of crap. I should not have admitted my love for him. I should have hidden it for myself. The funniest part is that the girl he loves is one of my best friends as well. And what she knows is that this guy had "HAD" an affection for me. She is not aware if the fact that it is still moving on,stronger n stronger. I want him, but I cannot have him for my own. I cannot share this feeling of mine with any of my friends or family. All I can do is share all these with him. He also has got the same feeling n regrets in him. Oh! I feel so damned... what shall I do?
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

i think you should let him go becuz apparantly he can't choose the right person for himself. If he really loved one of you, his heart would have already told him.

do anyone of you there think i must stay away from him and her? Is this lust that i've got on him?