Can't Get Her Out Of My Head

I've had these feelings about a woman at work for a few months now, whilst we are both married, i'm not sure we're both happy. She mentions they row alot, and he never does anything to help, or is always out, and i'm just going through the motions at the moment. Even though i've tried to make things work. Anyway this woman who is about 6 yrs older than me, makes me happy, we have a laugh at work, and just talk to each other. The reason i don't think it's purely lust is because although she is pretty she isn't what most men would call attractive, but i like her. I get upset when she's not at work, and i am, and everytime i walk past her at work, i can't help but look at her, and stop to chat at any opportunity. I recently tried to stop looking or waiting for her to chat to me, to see if this helps, but eventually she does say hi, and starts a conversation.
I know we should concentrate on our own relationships, and making them better, and perhaps what i perceive as flirting is just her being friendly. Any advice would be helpful thanks.
wat2do76 wat2do76
Dec 3, 2012