He Needs To Grow Up

I fell in love with him quite quickly. We shared so much of the same interests and I felt like he got me and I got him. The problem is he is only 21 and I am 26. He is like many 21 year olds very immature and wants to sleep with anything that moves. I also feel that he has to experience more things in life. He ended up breaking up with me to be with another girl then realized how strongly he felt for me. But during that time I realized he needs to grow up and we are not in the same place in our lives right now. I am dating people to possibly get married to and he is not ready for that yet. We have had some contact over the past few months but I think about him ALL the time. My hope is that he will grow up and eventually we can be together but for now he is dating other people as am I, but I don’t feel the intense chemistry and connection that we had. It kills me to think of him with someone else but I feel like it is what he should be doing and in the long run it could be better for us down the line. My feeling is if it is meant to be it will happen.

cnoela55 cnoela55
26-30, F
Feb 21, 2010