Is This Love?

For the first time ever I feel appreciated. He accepts all my imperfections. I am so proud to have him and I feel so fortunate. I never cared for anyone like this. But am I really in love? They say if you still feel the same after 3 months it's real, and I do. And this feeling is 10 times stronger. I never felt this way about anyone ever before so it all is still new to me. I'm only 18 I know I'm still young but I know this is such a great feeling. I don't know what I would do without him. Just the thought of losing him makes what to cry. I can't picture life without him. Am I in love for the first time? Please comment.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I've felt the same way about someone for about 2 years now. It kinda scares me but I would never give it away for the world.

It's scary to fall in love for the first time.
I'm inclined to say your thing is real.
The fear and uncertainty can pass with time, while the actual bond grows stronger.
As time goes on, your feelings will become gentler, and yet more real, stronger. Your thoughts will be less influenced by wondering about what you are feeling, as you become more genuinely caring about him.