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I Will Never, Ever Apologize For My Love of the Word "La".

... even though this love helped in me losing the only thing I ever wanted in 36 years.

Throughout my life I grew up loving inanimate objects. Eventually I began to realize there were certain common traits to the things I loved. And eventually I began to realize there was no way I was going to get every single thing bearing xyz font or abc word. So I began to love the traits instead of every possible thing bearing them... I never gave this any thought... after all seemed to make logical sense...

Then in Mid 2008, I discovered other people loved inanimate objects and tried to join a Yahoo group of them. I actually caught a decent amount of crap of over the fact I loved intangibles. But I -refuse- to denounce my love of the word La just cause some people's brains can't spin up to the appropriate RPMs to read the data. If it's a choice between her or you, then I choose her. All the time. Everytime.
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 May 13, 2009

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