Stuck between the 2 of u

Yeah. U see I love this guy who name start with a T so we'll call him T. But there is also his cousin who names starts with a M so well call him M n all that good stuff. Me n T have been dating 4 2 months n 14 days. N i gotta admit I luv T with all my heart n i know he loves me but there comes M into the picture. Now hes diggin me 2 n even tho I do like him I luv T. But anything I do wit T, I feel guilty because I know that M wants the same kind of luv n I know he just wants that chance n sometimez i wanna give it 2 him but i cant cuz im wit T n that would b bad on his part 2. If u r stuck between the 2 like I am the only advice is 2 follow ya heart.
Delana Delana
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 25, 2007

"M" will find a love, don't worry about it. If you really like "T" with all your heart then it would be him you choose. You can't love someone with all your heart and leave them, lol. You just care for "M" that is all.