Always Believed In Him

I was 16 when I met him. had his baby girl when I was 17.  time passed we were so young I was ready for a family but he was to caught up into drugs and gang activities.  I loved alot of things about him, except I couldn't deal my family ofcourse didn't like him .... time passed he never changed it only got worst, finally I gave up and didn;'t think he would ever change.  I left him when I was twenty one. took my baby girl, and when back to my mother's home.. He had been taken to jail.  he came out and I was already seeing someone else someone I thought would be there for me nothing like him... I always knew in my heart I still loved him but didn't want that life... years passed and  he had someone else, that someone was like him or maybe worst.. All I would ever hear from his mother was that he was not doing good at all. I was married and had another child... after 6 Years that didn't work out for different reasons... I saw him one day coinsidently and we talked again and told each other we never stopped loving each other... But he was still in the same game... went to jail again came out and went to prison finally but this time he got 15 to life... for Murder... I don't believe it was the first time he had done this... but I guess he didn't get caught before... now we just write to each other...  I don't know if I still love him or I just think I do.. But he has never left my heart and I know that if this wouldn't of happened, and he would have changed I wouldn't have thought about it twice and went back with him.  But now he's in there ... and  I don't thnk I could ever stop writing him or helping him.  I think this would be a problem if I have another serious relationship, but I refuse to leave and abandon him in there...
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