I am so in love with Edward Cullen. Jacob Black is okay, and he'd be perfectly fine if there were no Edward.
But there is an Edward, who is perfect and amazing, and so incredibly in love with Bella. Nearly everyday, I wish for an Edward Cullen to find me and fall in love with me, with his undying loyalty, unparalleled good looks, incredible strength, and great intelligence. Oh how I wish...
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2007

That book is so depressing. It makes real love look like a peice of unbuttered white bread, and leaves you wishing for something you will never have. haha

Oh honey, how we all wish we had our very own Edward :(

Yeah, he's so perfect, oh god, I wish he was real *cries*, why stephenie?? why?? lol, made a group called I love Edward Cullen