I'm in love with Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy VII. Some people say that if I find someone like the fictional person you love, it'll all stop and you can love someone real. If you can find me anyone remotely like Cloud, I'd do anything.
Sometimes I just think that I'm goin crazy. Being in love with someone who isn't real can't be normal can it? I just keep telling myself its a phase, that it'll pass....but a phase can't last this long, surely??? How long has it been now? Nearly a year? A bit more than a year?

Other than being obsessive and a little bit real thoug, one of my biggest concerns is that it could interfere with my real life. Maybe I won't be able to love anyone else, anyone real, if this is kept up.

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I know this problem very well, I have had it for about 15 years. I can tell you that it wont just go away. Comparing a real person to a fictional avatar is nothing short of heartbreaking. Nobody real will or CAN live up to those kind of expectations and it will end up costing you. I married a man who at the time embodied the physical attributes of my fictional crush at the time and that was perfect. The issue came when he started to change (natural of course) and I completely lost my attraction to him.
He could never live up to the character I had in my mind, either physically or behaviorally. The only route that I saw that could help me was therapy. As it turns out, I "fell in love" with this fictional guy because I wanted a man that embodied chivalry because every male in my life was a misogynist pig. There is nothing seriously wrong with you, but for your happiness, seek some therapy it will help.

seems platonic love ...I think<br />
no, you're not crazy

I have the same feeling, but I'm in love with Abe Sapien from Hellboy. I would give anything to find someone like him, or better yet him. I've been in love with him for about two years now, it doesn't really interfere with my life, though i do have pictures of him I keep with me at all times and if i don't have them I feel like I miss him. Its weird and I have thought that I may be crazy but I can't stop and I honestly don't want to ^^ If you love someone real or fictional who is anyone to tell you its wrong or crazy? it's your life be unique

...maybe this a phase...but i believe everyone has anime/fictional crush;) fictional characters are created having qualities we want real people to have, but they dont...<br />
...people like that is hard to find. no ure not going crazy^^...

LOL I am in love with Cloud from Final Fantasy VII since we first met.

i ry to find people irl who have as many characteristics of the fictional characters I love so much. I've had a few 'crushes' since I was 12 or so, and they're still very special to me, butit hasn'tstopped me from having real life relationships. I tell my fiance all about my imaginary loves, he thinks it's cute

What's not to love about Cloud? <br />
<br />
I have several students who have him as a role model, including one boy who has begun dressing like him...<br />
<br />
Its easy to fall in love with a character, because they are designed to be fallen in love with.<br />
<br />
Real people are harder to love because they are less predictable than fictional characters. <br />
<br />
I'm not sure I've been in love with a fictional character, because I believe it takes real interaction to fall in love... but I have had mad crushed on quite a few.... lots of us have... <br />
<br />