I Love Brenda Starr

Since the summer of 1989, I've been in love with the comics heroine Brenda Starr. For those of you who may never have met Brenda, let me start by noting that she appears in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE every day with a special color feature on Sundays. You can also catch her at comicspage.com. As a reporter for the newspaper THE FLASH, Brenda has experienced more close calls than most ordinary people could even dream of.

In fact, on that summer morning when I first encountered her, she was being tied to a pole atop the FLASH building overlooking the city where she works. I had to ask myself: what was this gorgeous redhead doing on the roof of a skyscraper at night, dressed for an evening out and getting tied to a pole by a guy who looked like Gary Cooper with his hair blowing in the wind?

I was hooked. I just had to come back next day to see what would happen. Brenda remained tied to that pole throughout the rest of the night and half the next morning or, in real time, for about two weeks. So for about two weeks, I kept coming back to see what would happen. In the end, all turned out well. The bad guy showed he had a spark of good in him by calling the police and informing them that there was a "peacock" on the roof. By this time, he'd made his getaway and could safely ensure that Brenda got rescued.

The luscious redhead's romantic pursuits always seemed to turn out that way. Lured by the promise of adventure, she'd get herself into dire straits but somehow always found ways to escape or avert catastrophe. What attracted me was not just her feminine beauty but her womanly wit. Brenda can make the funniest remarks at times, especially in the most perilous situations.

One time, she was clandestinely endeavoring to gather evidence with which to convict the bad guy when the bad guy happened to catch her. Naturally, he had to do something and, just as naturally, that something involved tying up poor Brenda. (She seemed to have a penchant for getting tied up in those days.) Remembering a woman colleague on the BOSTON GLOBE, Brenda muses as her hands were being tied behind her back, "I wonder if Ellen Goodman gets tied up as much as I do in the line of duty."

Brenda Starr was---and is---the sexiest woman I've ever encountered. I'd marry her if I could. Mixing beauty, compassion and wit, she has displayed time and again what it is to be a heroine, maintaining her composure even when Disaster looms, yeah, even when she's all tied up with a gag over her mouth. So strong is my passion for her that, strange as this may seem, I have even wished to enter an episode with her, not merely to view it as an observer but to share it with her as a companion, the two of us tied hand and foot, thoroughly bound back-to-back, as we ride into the face of Doom.

"I love you, Brenda."

"I love you too, Michael."

"Enough of the sappy talk," sneers the villain. He turns to his partner. "Gag 'em."

"Aye, aye, boss..."


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Do you have caps of the episode that you wish to be with Brenda?

No I do not. The comic ***** ended a couple years ago when its then-writer, Mary Schmich, called it quits. That must have been shortly after I posted the story above, which was 10 July 2010. You might some Brenda Starr episodes in print at Amazon.com. One of my regrets is that no movie worth seeing was ever made of Brenda Starr. What with all the Batman and Superman stuff in cinema, you'd think someone could figure out a way to present Brenda on the screen. She was a glowing beauty on the printed page---warm, luscious, seductive, but sharp too, in a womanly way. I'm still with her in my dreams.

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