He Is Awesome

I found him while browsing for things like pictures of cookies and things like that. He's totally awesome! But I don't know what's his name! Could someone help please? I asked someone but he told me I was some random crazy fool that carry card board panel to announce the end of the world in 2012. I think he was this fool he was talking about. He could have told me instead of being rude! And why should I say things with a card board panel?? I'm not mute! And I'm not poor at all! I just lack money! And since when do the world end in 2012???? Nobody ever told me that! Why would it end so suddenly anyway?? Here's the picture of the guy I was talking about. Tell where is he from too! I hope it's movie or a book!

Selvaria Selvaria
18-21, F
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Ya lol, I'm waiting too. Is he in **** or something ?

Awesome. I'm still waiting for LazyFox somewhere on one of your story

I have a saying : <br />
You say weird, I say original <br />
You say crazy, I say different <br />
You say disorder, I say **** you<br />
<br />
It's mine cause I made it up but you can use it too

That's not weird. I talk to them, I admit it's different but not weird.

Like you`re not weird yourself miss loony, you were looking for cookie pics lol

You really have weird ideas

That's the idea.

Oookay. So you want me to find a brat who's annoying and call him and idiot?

Search a runt called akator but call him bakator. When he'll see you, he'll immediately say he love you and eventually he will say 'Mine Selvaria' or whatever name you will have

I'm sorry, what? He falls in love with you for calling him Bakator? What kind of game is this... you can dialogue with characters? lol

It`s like real life, there`s cool people and there`s jerks. Grats on your fund collection too.

Oh.I have almost have enough for my Wii. Are people polite online?

The net as in internet, you know, the thing EP is on.

What net? I don't catch any butterflies. Stop speaking non sense.

You could watch videos of the game on the net, it's not the game but it's free.

Why?! It's not like I have enough for my Wii and a six hundred bucks console...

A PS3 game about assassins

What's Assassin's Creed 2?

His name is Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, the main character of Assassin`s Creed 2.