Hi, My Name Is Kt And I'm In Love With A Fictional Character...

...a couple actually.  First and foremost: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, yes he's old enough be my father, no I really don't care.   He's hot, he's intellegent, and his voice is...guh.  K, now that wierdness is taken care of the more age appropriate character:  Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer...perfect freaking boyfriend; I kinda wanted to shoot Summer in the face for breaking his heart.   Just saying.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

I can't read fanfics about the girl I'm crazy about. They usually involve her dying or having a relationship with another guy, which makes me feel terrible/insecure.

I have the same problem except I am in love with Lucius Malfoy - he is just practically perfect in every singly way... I feel like I can connect to him on an emotional level! I am wasting my life away either dreaming about him or reading fanfics about him! *sigh* Lots of people think its gross as he is old enough to be my father but to me, his age doesn't matter!