Le Gasp! I'm Head Over Heels In Love With A Game Character, This Is Serious...

Falling in love with a fictional character is never new for me, since I've always had a romantic feeling for them since my childhood... but back then I didn't knew what that kind of tingling feeling was until during my adulthood - that love feeling became more indulging and I know how ridiculous it is since falling in love with a fictional character is very...weird according to some or more people out there who are more into what's around them than fictional. I also understand that I somehow epically fail in life. It's not likely I can find a boyfriend either and I surely think this is why I prefer to engulfing myself into the fictional men (because they are hotter, plus you can imagine that he is yours the way you like it, even if it is a copyrighted character. It's not that officially but you can call it unofficially.

To be falling in love with a fictional character is in fact NORMAL. Haha, it is. I checked, whether you will admit it or not, but it is normal. It's at least a place for you to release yourself into and explore the creativity.
Anyway, I will stop babble nonsense as this is not what I am here for.

Now, as for this guy, since nobody on this site has ever revealed themselves about a love for him, so I might as well do it.
Umm yeah, I am in love with this...character from a vidego game. I had a talk with my friend, she said that I was so obsessed with him that I had my MSN picture full of him, even had the display picture of him, on my new iPhone4, had his picture on the lock screen and menu screen, everywhere, listening to music with fanmade videos made by the fangirls just like me.
My obsession started back in 2005 but got more intense years after that, but it went to the state where I somehow simply had it pushed aside during 2007. Until, only one dream had me intrigued and my obsession "awakened". Now, I am like head over heels in love, it has made me so much in love that every time I see him, I would imagine things. Even if he's not real, I still imagine things I'd do with him. >XD This is very embarrassing to say it but all that mentioned is actually true.
My friend ain't that much different either since we both have a love for fictional men as well, so we get along VERY WELL!

Well then, he is a (super) villain, megalomaniac psychopath (he does know the different between right and wrong, he just doesn't give a damn about it) who's bending on destroying mankind by attempt to release a virus ensuring that mankind becomes a new breed of mutant superhuman and he will become a god. He's already a superhuman with superhuman power/strength, all he cares is being a god. But really, I don't know what makes me fall for him so badly. To describe it in a better way, I did manage to get few pictures of him...(a thank to fangirls who screenshot these pics). He's 48-49 by the way....That makes me so young according to him but it's ok, I'll be 30 soon so I'm more than qualified to all the criterias + it's a work of fictional, therefore no rules can stop me >:D

There you go, what do you think?? >XD....For some, they might not find him sexy but to me I'm drop dead drooling for him. That's the way it is... I have a fond for villains. I actually have the game but NEVER find the chance to play it!! I would LOVE to get settled down and play it. I really do. Badly, because I'm yearning for him. Yes, it is that serious (but I wouldn't cry about it because it's not like if you cry yourself a river, he'll be real!) and since I draw, I can always illustrate or write >:]

For those who are a gamer know that he's from Resident Evil franchaises, those pictures above are from Resident Evil 5. I love this version and Resident Evil 4 version (go look that up, if you are curious). But I love this version best because it's...HOT! Those six-pack abs of his and the biceps. Hehe, yes sire I am obsessed.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...his name is Albert Wesker - the most household name of Resident Evil games. Apart from everything, believe me he's a megalomania, traitor, power lust, evil and an arrogant bastard, BUT he's so good looking!!!!!!! I can't resist but ignore all those flaws. I'm basically in a drop dead in love, so every time he appears on screen, I just go ballistic first stage of shyness, blushing (or I could feel I do blush, ahaha inner blush) then childish state of making a giggle and imagining stuff..... Glad that this is a fictional character, if he was real...my god, we'd get a horde of fangirls being on their knees for him (including me as well).
There's just...something about him that I can't explain. Could it be the villain's charm, charisma or something that intrigues that kind of feeling?? Perhaps it is the forbidden love that makes you want to break free from the boundaries, haha....... yeah, the conditional fictional character love.

If I think my brother realizes that I do have a thing for this guy, it can't hurt anyone just because I fancy a fictional character! Why should they even bother, it is not like it will hurt anyone, as long as you know to separate the reality and fictional.

I think I'll forever be in love with this guy and nothing's going to change that even if I happened to get myself a boyfriend (which I don't at the moment, so I'm free! Hah!).
Nothing's gonna change. Never. Perhaps I'm sounding a bit weird and out of my mind, but I'm as sane as you're (perhaps a little bit weird but still, I just want to explore the imagination and zone into the realm of fictional, reality bores me sometimes). He's not the first character I am in love with though, since I also have another love for my own creation however, this guy will forever be a number one of fandom "head over heels in love" kind.

I'll respect yours if you respect mine. I can't repeat myself to go over and over again to say how much I am in love with this character. So I might just quit now and let my imagination wanders around by itself and drifts off into the land of dream.
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Leliana from DA, she's hot(especially in the trailer) or Tali from ME

Just thought I'd mention and stop by this helpful thread for my own sanity. It's been 3 years now and I am still very much in love with his beautiful soul. Forever Yours Edward Richtofen. You are my love, my life, my everything.

I love john 'soap' mactavish. He is from call of duty 4, modern warfare 2 an 3. He is one sexy scottish beast. Its a 1st pearson shooter game so i always walk up to him and just stare at him! He is soooooo hot. I fantasize about him too, and he is my first and last thought every day. I even dream about him! And yes, he is my wallpaper on my iphone! I lobe soap!!!

Ahhhh... I know good ole Soap. I'm into call of duty as well. Do you still have feelings for him? So sad for you in mw3......

*applauds* Yes!! That's what I'm talking about! Excellent! Gosh, this was fun to read. Smooth antagonists have a certain charm about them, don't they? And I totally know what you mean about getting on your knees; I could freaking swoon over my love, and I am anything but the type to do so. I'm thrilled you're so savvy about this- so many people are afraid that's it's wrong/they're crazy/whatever, and it's really unfortunate. Why fear love? We fictophiles need to stick together- who understands the situation better than another person in it? And SCREW copyright! Our minds are our own, wa ha ha ha! >:D

Don't worry about what others think. Video game characters do look close to real nowdays that you see a person rather than an animated person. I have mine on my phone, Message boards, I play his game often, I have romantic feelings for him, Think about him. It's bad. LoL. Don't feel bad.

Well, it's pretty hard to understand why but it's just the way it is XD........Currently I still have folders full of this guy - how embarrassing.... He will soon to be a background on my computer. Your friendship has been accepted.

Well, the thing is, I haven't met a real life man yet (it's not like I'll meet them in the future either, because who would love a weirdo like me? I'm not a lady-like. I am a tomboyish type, so tell me, what kind of guy would love that?!).

Well, the thing is, I haven't met a real life man yet (it's not like I'll meet them in the future either, because who would love a weirdo like me? I'm not a lady-like. I am a tomboyish type, so tell me, what kind of guy would love that?!).

Hmm, in my experience women tend to start falling in love with fictional characters of their own creation as soon as they meet a real life man they like... :P

Yes, you found me, hi. Oh, Dean is hot, no doubt about it but still, not much of my type that much...Omg, I wouldn't even be able to stare at the computer screen if I have Wesker as a wwallpaper! I have problem with it, seriously... As weird as it is, I'm very embarrassing of seeing him... I'm a shy creature, I even get shy for a fictional character - how retarded is that?? All exactly like the way you mentioned, I love to draw but when it comes to him, I am having super major problem with it... I know it's JUST a damn picture. But I do always feel like being "watched" XD hahaha.......<br />
<br />
The eerie creepy feeling of uncomfortableness, they say that to get better in art you must see the details MORE up close (so to say if I came to the crotch area, I might as well have to zoom in on that part and draw.... Jeebuz...*epic nosebleed fatality*. People gonna think I'm a perv.<br />
<br />
Ahem, sorry I went off the topic. Anyhow, yessssssssssssss Wesker is not just hot but uber sexy. My god, that body... the outline of that six packs abs.......No need to go further. :D

I know you! you commented on my story! :)<br />
<br />
Firstly, I would like to say that I have a second fictional love as well (He's a character from a TV show: Dean Winchester from Supernatural) and MY GOSH it's crazy how fangirls go nuts over their guys. I love the way that fictional guys can make so many people happy. Because sometimes, when I'm feeling down, I just turn on my computer and see his wonderful face staring back at me (yes, he is in my computer wallpaper) and I feel great afterwards.<br />
<br />
Oh and Albert Wesker is gorgeous :O I never really got into the Resident Evil games because they scared me way too much...but seriously, he's hot!

good point about them making you feel happy even if they are not real, pygmy. Yes, it had the speed and hotness of a crush write-it made me very happy too!

Hehehe, yeah.....was it cute? XD That's awesome! I thought it sounded a bit like adorable little crush thing, but really......he makes me happy for unknown reason.....(if I'm keeping the naughty thoughts to aside though). It is really interesting to find that fictional characters can even make you feel a bit "encourage" and happy even if they are not that real in this world.<br />
<br />
Aww, thank you :D... he will always make me super happy!

this was a cute read! I think it is great-do what makes you happy. I am happy for you.