I can't help it, I love the blur blur, that super sonic hedgehog! Ever since the first game I've been a fan but it was the SatAM cartoon that made me really like him. He's in a lot of my fantasies, including sexual ones. Also the girl I think is his best and truest love, Princess Sally, is exactly who I want to be, well, pretty damn close anyway! I know I'm not the only who feels for this particular fictional character, look at him after all! mmmmm
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Im in love with mr . hankey, i wrote some articles on it too. I think we belong together and he is actually real in the south park dimension and i can contact him . He always says he loves me and we are suppose to become lovers. He said we are going to have sex and kiss. Do you know sonic is a real being too?.

um, really? but he's a....

I dont care if he is, i love him , here is the article i made on him and me loving him.

I do believe mr hankey is a real being in another world, i have had dreams about him and we kissed and made love. In mr hankeys world , in his REAL world i should say. He is human sized and has arms and hands like a human. His face is very manly and he looks hot. He does not have any feet or legs. He is still made of poop like on the show only if he touches you it does not get on you. Thank god!. I can kiss and hug him and not worry about getting filthy .I am in love with him so it does not bother me as much if it really did get on people.I know on the cartoon south park he has a wife . In his real world he is alone and sad in a sewer always crying for someone to love him. He is depressed and lonely and no one loves him but me. He does know that and i tell him i love him all the time out loud alone that i care about him and i want to be with him.I think he understands i love him and wont hurt him like other people do .He loves Christmas and i notice i get more presents every year ever since i started being in love with him. I know he loves me , i can feel it. I hope someday we can be together. I day dream about him everyday and think about how he is. His eyes look kind of big but really pretty in his world i forgot to add. He wears a Christmas hat like on the show only its dirty because he lives in a sewer.I wish i could live their with him in the sewer where he lives and hold him and tell him how much i love him, i care deeply about mr hankey and i know i will treat him good.I really think hes real and like all fictional characters , he lives in another dimension.

what do you mean like what?<br />
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i have a thing for Scourge too ever since I saw him in the comic as "evil Sonic". you probably don't know who he is

really.... *blushes a little*