I Dont Think Its Love, But...

I've tried boys, hell I've tried men but none seem to interest me more than... Spencer Patrick O'Malley caring to a fault, Mr Darcy and all of his thoughtful mystery, Mr. Rochester honest and vulnerable. All fabrications of life. So why, when i am faced with a real guy do i constantly compare him to Prince Eric and Kanamae Kurun and Jean Claude, I mean its not like those characters are perfect. Heathcliff was malicious, bitter and destroyed himself and Catherine all on his own! And Lestat well he would eat me if he had the chance. Im just mental i guess, oh well at least im not the only one... right?
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2011

I was like that, completely.
I think it might have something to do with not being able to get to know the non-fictional men in your life very well. In books, you get to know the characters inside out, what they're thinking and feeling, and from that you get to really feel affectionate towards them. Most real young men are very complex and not emotionally open at all, so to understand their innermost thoughts you need to really want to.

Same thing!<br />
Actually Prince Eric(you're talking about "Little Mermaid,right?) was my "first love" if I can say so)

No, you're not alone. Not in the least.