I Need To Stop Falling In Love With Fictional Characters

I remember my first love. His name was Dark Heart and we met when I was 4 years old after watching the Care Bears Movie II. I told my mother I was going to marry him, and she simply replied with "That may be difficult - he is in the TV". I took that literally, and devised a plan to free the love of my life by smashing the TV screen - thankfully, this plan never cam to fruition.

Alas, I few years later, my love for Dark Heart waned when I met another character. Darkness (actually played by Tim Curry) from the 1985 fantasy movie "Legend". It seemed I was doomed to have a thing for bad boys - especially the one's who wore a lot of red.

However, I turned out to be fickle. While I swore my undying love to Darkness, there was another strangers of foreboding evil lurking around my interests. When I was 16, I got my hands on a PlayStation and a copy of Square Soft's Final Fantasy VII, where I met Sephiroth. There was no going back. A tall, brooding figure, dressed in leather, hell-bent of the destruction of of the world!! Oh, such a dream. I spend countless of sleepless night re-playing the scene where he walks into flaming ruins of Nibelheim, before facing his past at the reactor. I printed hundred of pictures of his fully-rendered polygonal face to plastered my bedroom walls. And i never blamed him for killing Aerith - she was kind of a nut-case and her point structure blew anyway. I was obsesses...taken. It was rapture.

I've never quite gotten over Dark Heart, Darkness, or Sephiroth. Needless to say - much to the dismay of a few boyfriends of the flesh-and-bone commodity.
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This may be strange, but I'm a sc<x>ript writer. I do it as an hobby. I made one film, it was a total disaster, but I have a tendency to fall in love with my own fictional characters. I guess it's understandable since I'm the creator, but it still seems kind of odd. I don't know, maybe I'm in the wrong place, but that's why I'm here, I guess...

Antagonists who wear red... I'm with ya there!

- and all my fictional loves have brown hair.

I liked men in capes like Zorro and Mighty Mouse.

There is neither reason nor possibility to get over Sepiroth.........mww.

Hi, you are not alone. I love bad boys too. :)