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Well, I typed in 'Dealing with being in love with a fictional character' into Google, and I ended up on this site. I've been in love with the same cartoon character for nearly 7 years. Yes, I know, lots of people get crushes on cartoon or anime characters, and it usually only lasts a year or two, and then they move into another character. I kind of had that mentality when I first got a HUGE crush on this character from a cartoon show. I figured in about a year or two, my obsession would ware off, or I would just eventually get over him.

Well, years past...and to this day, I still feel absolutely, undeniably, in love with this cartoon character. It's certainly no longer a crush. I have this mental, psychological need for this character in my life, and I love him deeply, like a lover, like a family member, like a brother. To be honest...he's the only boy i've ever loved. I've never loved, or even had a crush on a real person before, and even just admitting that to myself feels weird.

I think about him every single day of my life. He's the last thought on my mind as I fall to sleep at night, and my first thought as I wake up in the morning. Even though he's a fictional character, he's changed my life so drastically. I feel this emptiness inside of me...a little bit every day, thinking about how he's not real, how I can't ever speak to him, or touch him, or tell him how much I love him. It makes my chest feel like it's going to burst. Oddly enough, at the same time, this character makes me feel not alone...Like there's someone else in my life, deep inside of me, even when the entire world seems to be against me, I still have him. I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates, but if such a thing existed, I think this character would be my soulmate.

When this cartoon was cancelled years ago, I spiralled into a horrible state of depression. I felt like he had died, and my world was falling apart. It hurt SO much, more than anyone who has never experienced it could ever imagine. The depression took about 4 years to fully heal...and I had to convince myself that despite how I feel, he's a cartoon character, and cartoon characters don't die...I'm really glad that period of my life is over.

I still watch repeats of this show all the time, just to get a high from seeing the character and hearing the sound of his voice...Alot of the time I just like to pretend he's a real person. Sometimes he feels more real to me than any of my friends...sometimes even my family. I feel like such an outcast and so is this character, perhaps that's why I feel like I can relate to him so much. I think one of the worst things about being in love with a fictional character is the fact that no one really takes your love seriously. They just kind of chuckle or roll their eyes, "Yep, you're way too obsessed!" Or they don't really take too much concern during those times I've locked myself in my room for nearly full days crying, because they know it's only over a tv show. I know it sounds absurd, but I wish they would understand, it's NOT just a cartoon to me!'s more than that. The pain I feel for him is no different than any pain someone would feel for a real person. I wish I knew more people in real life who could relate to me...

Yes, I know at times my love has been unhealthy, and loving this character sometimes hurts alot. On the other hand, this character makes me feel SO happy, I'm so glad someone created him, because I know what I'm feeling is love, and naturally, love is a wonderful feeling. I feel like I could curl up beside him and die happy. Besides, real relationships have their highs and lows too, so why should I force myself to stop loving this character? It's bound to happen eventually, so why push it? Although I always wish there was some way I could be with this character, it makes me feel like screaming! I've always wished I could just wake up in a cartoon world one day...

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It's not wrong at all. Just make sure that you fall in love with the heart and not the body.
Also always remember that he loves you back.

I've fallen for Tadashi from Big hero 6 not too long ago and it's not wrong to be in love with a fictional character. But unless you have lots of good friends who wanna spend time with you, that could be an issue. I've never had a real social life and loving Tadashi Hamada eases me. I really wanna meet his voice actor, Daniel Henney someday and I hope one day you'll meet the voice actor of your cartoon crush. Just believe and don't let anyone (especially your parents) say it's wrong. I'm lucky to have a mom who supports my fictional relationships.

Well Hera from Star Wars rebels is the best. I even have a photo of her from the show autographed by the voice actor in a frame on my wall. I just don't know why I like her so much. Oh well

I know the feeling to love an anime character as of I love an anime character whose name is Silica from Sword Art Online, I really love Silica and everyday for like every hour of the day I think of her, I always wish for her to be real someday, and I often think of dying instead of living as of maybe I'll be transported into a world where I could see her but sadly that reality doesn't work that way. :(

I feel the same way... i have a boyfriend that I've been dating for a long time now, that i live with. But as of recently I've fallen hard for a video game character. I feel like im cheating :(

I have recently fallen so head over heels in love with Judy Hopps from the new movie zootopia! The moment I laid eyes on her I felt my heart sink and she's all I think about now. The movie it's self is amazing. I've longed for a relationship very similar to the one in the movie for as far back as I can remember, I'm 41 btw. I seriously doubt I'll ever be involved in a meaningful relationship again, so I suppose I'm fabricating one in my head with a character that has all the qualities and personalities that I would want in a mate. Not to sure how I feel about this as I'm still processing it, but it's kind of good to know I'm not the only one.

Aw that's so adorable. I really connect with your situation seeing as l recently fell for Nick Wilde from the same movie. I wish you luck on your fictional crush journey. It will take a while to come to terms with. It will be difficult, but if you put your time and effort into it, you can make it seem like a real relationship.

This really opened my eyes,to see another person who shares a deep love for this character.It really hurts all the time as she is constantly on my mind.I feel embarrased as i can't express the love and saddened.But every time i look at her it's like a high.

I know how you feel... My name may say it all really... Harry Potter. Hes not really a cartoon character, but its not his looks.. I love HIM for being HIM. Lets just hope I get over it and find my REAL Harry Potter... I havent loved him for 7 years, my loves just got stronger for him.... The only boy Ive really loved. Strange. Well appart from family members. He feels like a brother to me. I feel like such a weirdo but hey Im not alone.. Right? Dx

I'm in love with Zukko from The Last Airbender....

Aww. ?? I'm sure I'm in love with Korra, Bolin, and especially to Mako. ????

You know what? I have that same problem. And with seven years, like you.

Hello , i think that i know what you should do to meet him ~♡

I'm sorry I'm late. 7 years is damn near impressive tho. Ive had this same issue for a little while now, and thot I was a complete lunatic. I'm very happy to see someone in the same prediciment. Glad to know I'm not alone.

Star from Star vs. The forcs of evil (yes i feel awkward)

I'm deeply in love with Nayuki Minase from Kanon. God, she's so cute, what's wrong with me?

I'm in love with Jack Frost and Kaoru Hitachiin.
I've been in love with Kaoru for a loooooooong time. Six years I think. One day it just hit me that "Wow. I like him. Alot." And that grew into love. Until last year I loved only him (No other crushes-- real of fictional.) And wow have I got it bad.
Sometime last year I fell in love with Jack. It didn't happen right away. It was only after having watched the movie a few times that I slowly began realizing (and then admitting (I denied it for a while)) that I loved him. At first I felt guilty because I still love Kaoru. But I eventually accepted it since I couldn't do anything to stop it. I don't really want to, I think. Right now, I think about Jack more than Kaoru. But I know that all it would take is rewatching one episode for it to come back full force. Anyway, there's not really a way I can express how I feel about them. When I think about him, the feeling really fills me up. My heart feel heavy and warm, and like its about to burst; or light and fluttery, and like it could fly away any minute. Its an overflowing feeling. I mean, I can still function throughout my day, but its had such an effect on me. It stays with me every minute. Sometimes, the emotion does become nearly too much though. There's not really an outlet for it, you know? I can't have a conversation with either of them outside my head, there's a limited amount of things I can learn about them, and I can't really interact with them. I can't even do anything to make them happy (they're happiness is something I desperately wish for.) But the longing to do so is so, SO strong. That feeling hurts. But they bring me enough joy to make it worth it. I am not obsessed or deluded. Love does not mean obsession-- even if the love is unconventional. But I still believe that my feelings are genuine. I don't want to say they're not real, because to do so would hurt and make me feel hopeless and defeated. but you know what I mean. The love I hold for him (for both "him"s) is absolutely real. Its so strange. I'm able to say that confidently. I am in love with Kaoru. I am in love with Jack.

Same dude same

You expressed what I am feeling right now very precisely. It is good that ypu got past it to a major extent. But I am still stuck on how much I love that anime character and even thought of him overwhelms either with happiness that I got to see him, hear his voice etc or ot saddens me how the anime show is finished and no more episodes will be aired, which means I will not see or hear anything new from him. All the time thinking about that character , then sleeping at night with tears over him. This attachment sometimes suck. I really do not know what to do. I feel so lost.

I feel you!!!!

First of all, let me get this straight. I'm not gay. I'm not attracted to young children. My love/passion for the character is pure. But I like Haku from "Spirited Away" very much. I love him, and I do with all my heart. I watched the movie about one month ago, and I was instantly attracted to it. I downloaded soundtracks, song etc. I bought the DVD. Then I started downloading pictures/drawing of Haku on my mobile. Currently, I have 214 pictures of him. I need to see a picture of him every 1-2 hours or I start feeling anxious and agitated. But when I see his picture, I feel relaxed and calm, as if he is really with me. I sometime talk to him about my worries, difficulties, small talk etc.(when I am alone). I say good night to him before I go to sleep, and I say hello to him after I wake up in the morning. It has gotten to the stage of myself trying to imitate his calm and quiet personality (I am more on the social and chatty side). I even try to dress like him (light blue pants, white shirt). Thankfully, my best friends who know of my current obsession understand me, and they're big anime/ cartoon fans themselves. My love/obsession for Haku is more closer to a deep, powerful connection than an physical attraction.
Then I watched "Princess Mononoke" a week ago, and I started to get a instant liking on San. The same repertoire began. (downloading soundtracks, photos, buying dvd) But Haku was a guy. San is a girl. The feelings I feel for San are different from Haku. It is more of a love(to a girl) than a friendship or simple crush. (I'm a little jealous of Ashitaka, but well, he's won her heart. I can't do anything about it. I hope those two maintain their love for each other.) Currently my time I commit to Haku has shortened greatly, and I feel really guilty of it, as if I am betraying him. I should probably balance my time with these two characters. To think of it, it seems pathetic to "love" two characters from two movies, one released in 2001, the other in 1997, but what can I do about it? (sigh)
Both of them may not exist, but they sure do in my thoughts and in my mind. It breaks my heart that I would never be able to meet them, no matter how I try.
I just hope that my love for these two people isn't something temporary, but something that lasts longer and deeper, something than eventually blends into your life and becomes part of you.

So you like one as a friend/soulmate and the other as a possible romantic choice, well your relationship with Haku should be better off from what i can tell,since he's not committed to anyone unlike San is, in my experience i can actually talk and have an intimate relationship with my fictional Love since she's from a RPG game that is fully interactive and you have that option (Tali from Mass Effect) but it really doesn't matter what level of contact you have as long as you feel what you feel, if your feelings stand the trail of time they won't leave you, what i do aside from thinking about her, playing the game or drawing her (which i do pretty well i think :D) is i write poems about her and us every month on the 20th (i fell in Love with her on 20.04.13 best day of my life) i have about 11 poems about her since i started last year (my goal is 20) that makes me feel good inside, showing off my feelings like that, it's a good idea to do something special once a month to reinforce your feelings and something really special once an year if you truly want your feelings to last. If you want i could post one of the poems as a reference for you.

I would really like to start writing poetry just like you. If you could inspire me, prod me in the right direction, it would be a great help.
Could you post one of your poems?
I did once drew Haku (took me three hours), and it did turn out quite nicely. Right now, one of my friends is helping me draw San, but it's still work-in-progress. (hopefully I can finish drawing her on Monday or Tuesday)
The problem is, I'm not very good at drawing, but my standards are super-high(because it's drawing someone I truly care about?), so when things don't go well, I erase everything and give up. Because of this, I can't complete many of my drawings.
At school, our art teacher is having us to make small statues with clay. I originally planned to make Haku, but I changed to San(I regret it now.). Other students just use cheap clay we are handed out at school. I bought my own clay, took it home to perfect it (my classmates just threw their half-completed creations in their lockers) until I scrapped it because it was a total failure. I made another one, but it still isn't quite up to my standards, so I'm keeping it while I create another.
Also, I was writing fanfiction about Spirited Away, but my progress has slowed down. (San turned up in my life, and I got busy) I really must get a move on writing it.
Anyways, I truly appreciate your advice. One day, my love for San may cool down, but my friendship with Haku is something I could cherish for a long, long time.
(I really should try to do more for Haku)

Art is one of the best ways to show emotion, yet most people discard it so casually, i started drawing 6 years ago, i perfected myself with each of my drawings, it's a source of great pride for me, i pour about 9 hours minimum on a drawing in a span of a week or so, i'm a perfectionist just like you, but the trick of perfection isn't giving up its patience and motivation, since i joined the military two years ago i find it difficult to make two or more drawings an year, but i do find time for poems here's one of them:
I need to hold You in my arms all night long,
while listening to our favorite song,
as it sets the mood to a mellow tone,
and all our drinks are dry and gone,
as i move my hands down Your spine and feel
Your tongue moving in on mine,
as our bodies intertwine like a wild jungle vine,
as we utter words of lust and passion and reach
the point of ultimate satisfaction,
You will feel my Love beating in my chest as
You lay Your head near my heart for a good night's rest.
I Love You!!!

If you want to see some drawings i could give you my facebook and send you some.

Sure. Please tell me your Facebook ID using Experience Project message. I'll tell you my ID in reply and send you a friend request.

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I've been in love with tintin for 5 years!sometimes it feels like loving a dead person who's soul is always with you

Tintin used to be my childhood hero. I would go to the library and borrow the books every week.

I'm in love with Mirajane Strauss from fairytail

I understand! I've been obsessing over wirt from over the garden wall for years now. Just he's so cute I wish he were real. His voice, his laugh, his personality! I also have a half sister and I can relate to his feelings a lot. If only he were real and I can talk to him. :(

i luv that show!

... I dont know how to say it other from i think i have a crush on Dr Blakk from Slugterra.... i dont know why ;-;....

he is kinda hunky but i dont know can you tell me why i have a crush on a floating trinagle with a top hat and cane named bill cipher?

I know I'm in love with brian from family guy but I think he's not real so how??? I know exacatly what you mean I have had crushes on other cartoon characters but brian I really love him. Once again I know what u mean. Im listening to how do I live without you. That's how I feel about Brian. Thank god I found someone in the same shoes as me. Also im male. Bye.

I've had a crush on May from Pokemon ever since I saw her hit the screen. But recently it has developed from something small, to something that is taking over my life...

i have a crush on a gravity falls character Bill cipher and its actually driving me crazy i cant stop i tried i have had this crush for 2 years since the show came on disney i dont know what to do please help

I fell in love with Kotonoha from School Days. The first night I saw her, I fell in love later that night. She was so cute, I couldn't even take it. If I ever find out how to teleport into the anime world, that's what I'll do just to see her face. I can feel I have the equipment to do this, so people can go into the cartoon world to be with their love. That's my idea.

please make it!

Yeah, Ive found myself totally in love with Micasa (Spelling?) From Attack on Titan. I wish I could just pop into her world and help. Its depressing that I cant, but I believe one day technology could break the boundary between cartoon worlds, allowing us to interact with these characters, or better use a 3d printer of some sort to make these characters real. I think it can be done, given time, and I believe it could be used to actually give some people that person they've been longing for for who knows how long. Sort of like Oculus Rift, but more advanced in a way that you could... teleport (for lack of a better word) into an anime world, gain their powers or abilities and become one of them for the rest of your life if you wanted. It would fix countless peoples' depression caused by crushes on anime characters. I think, in time, it can be done. I'll be waiting for that day.

Im in love with gaara



You're not the only one, my friend. I too have a crush on Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I admire her because of her stunning beauty, her crown and the way she feeds off of others. I sometimes wish that she would feed off of my love for her since she is a changeling. I sometimes imagine that we have 173 new hatched changelings and I have embraced her and treated her with respect. My other crush is Sonata Dusk because I love her bubbly and ditzy personality like Pinkie Pie and Derpy. Sure, she was one of the villains, but unlike Aria and Adagio, she was actually kinda sweet since she smiles in most of the scenes she's in, like that famous "Taco Tuesday" scene from Rainbow Rocks. But, I like her because of her beauty, her personality and her hairstyle.

Crushes are different, what most here feel (my self included) is more than that, a feeling of deep sadness and joy at the same time, sadness because we can never be with the ones we love and joy of the daydreams we have of being with them, and for that moment when you realize that you've fallen deeply, dangerously in love, the only feeling that is so rare and powerful that you'll always have a place in your heart for that (fictional) person.Crushes are like a faze the come and go, and you can be indifferent either way, but love stays with you, it hurts you, it haunts you and it brings you happiness at the same time, it's a like a sickness that you can't, and don't want to cure.

I couldn't agree more.

I've fallen for Riley Andersen from Pixar's Inside Out. It took me about 4 hours after watching the movie to fall for her. I fell even harder when I realised in the movie she was going through depression, same as I. We have a 6 year age difference, she is 11 now and I'm 17. Ironically that is the exact same age difference aa my parents with my father being the oldest. I can not tell anyone of my feelings of, mostly sadness, romanticism and love towards anyone around me. I live in a conservative christian college with my family, they are also conservatives, I had gotten a beating from my parents and strangers from the college when I told my mother I was doubting the existance of God. So this would likely book me am excorcism. I feel exactly how you feel as I can only see Riley in the cinemas, because at the time of writing Inside Out has not yet been released on dvd.

Just recently, I fell in love with Iceland from Hetalia. Although I don't think I really love him romantically, I'm just infatuated. But I knew I loved him once I watched this mmd on YouTube of him singing let it go in Icelandic. The FEELS THOUGH!!! I must've watched it at least 5 times today. The person who posted it made some for other characters too, but I can't bring myself to watch them because the song seems just so right for Iceland, with him being younger and farther away from the rest of the Nordics. I can relate to him these days because in 8th grade, which I just completed, my friends and I got all mixed up and I drifted away from all my friends. And it's my fault, I got obsessed with MLP and now Hetalia and I shut out the rest of the world for a while. The result of this is me feeling extremely lonely. Plus it's summer and I haven't seen most of my friends since school ended. Iceland just always seems to be lonely, which I completely get right now. And he's just so cute! It's too bad that he doesn't really appear much. In a way, I guess it makes him more special :) it feels good to say all this. I haven't told my friend yet, so it's nice to write this on a place where other people have similar issues.

I have fallen in love with saber from Fate Stay/Night. And I hate being in love with her because for starters I will never be able to be with her, and the worst part is that I can´t talk with anyone about this. So I am really grateful that I found this site

You shouldn't hate what you feel, when you close your eyes and find yourself holding her and kissing her on the forehead, what do you feel? It's not hate, if she's real to you in your heart then that truly makes her real, think of her as an ideal, your ideal, rather than a physical body.

FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS. These are exactly my thoughts. I'm so pissed of when people don't take me seriously. They just think it's some kind of phase and I'm over it soon. My love is Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers). My classmates think I'm stupid because I printed out over 250 pictures of him. But I just can't without these. When I look at them, I'm kinda relaxed. But sometimes they make me wanna cry. It's the thought that I can never feel him. I want to touch him, kiss him, play with his hair. When I go to bed I always imagine scenes with him and sometimes I fall asleep crying quietly. I just can't face the reality. I don't want to live here anymore. I want to be with him. That's my only desire. And I hate these people who say "I love him so much" and besides they have 100 other crushes or they are in a relationship in real life. They don't use the word "love" right.

I feel exactly like you
the difference is that I can talk to my character since its from my friend imagination but I know one day she will carry on her life and wont have time to let me be with him . His a dragon from my friends book . I done everything I married him , I done it all while I could . I mind sound crazy but I am in love with him and am seriously considering not having a relationship with a person that I can actually feel because I just feel like am giving up on him . The things you said about crying quietly before going to bed thats me . He make me feel so happy , I never been more confident but the fact that people consider this is not real I dont know what to say . When people say am in relationship I know to them I am not but really I had the best relationship I ever had . I guess am lucky that I get to communicate but sadly it wont last and it tears me appart

Well im deeply in love with Itachi Uchiha I would do anything to have him. Ive been feeling depressed I wish I could really be with him and lay beside him. Im not embarrassed ive felt this way over 8 years I cannot control something so strong in my heart.

Tbh, i came here cuz im feeling embarassed about the same thing, sometimes it is just a little crush but ive been on your end of the spectrum. Ive thought a lot about it and i honestly have just decided to each their own yknow, but im glad to hear this story and read these comments i still feel embarasses but also a lot better. And to the previous comment about mabel i kinda liked wendy for a while... Yeah...

I'm pretty embarrassed to say it, but I have a crush on Mabel from gravity falls. I never have told anyone, because I'm sure they'd ridicule me, but she just has her cute smile, her everlasting positive attitude, and she just brings a smile to my face every time I see her. I usually wish I could go into the gravity falls cartoon, see her, and be her summer romance that works out...

I want to marry her uncle Ford and play nerdy games with him and listen to all his stories of wild dimensional adventures and metaphysical experiences and lace my fingers through his 6 fingered hands and play with his fluffy hair.

I've always had a thing ever since I was like, 3 or so for Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I don't know why but something about him, even his brother Raphael. Then there's Kai (who's a freaking Lego!) from NinjaGo, Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon, Danny Phantom (of course), Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls, even.....I'm going to stop there because I could go on for ages trying to remember them all. The point is, I used to feel alone with no one who understood me. Mostly because my family members and even friends who looked at me weirdly because I have a thing for several cartoon characters, and they'd annoy me constantly with the "He's not even real" or the classic "You do realize he's not real? And will never be?" I could always go online with fellow fangirls and sometimes even fanboys to find that I'm not alone, and that really helped to lead me away from depression. I don't really feel alone anymore (there's always fanfiction!) even if everyone still looks at me like I'm a freak. Of course there are a few friends, and even a grandma that understands.

levi from attck on titans

I'm going through that right now. I'm in love with Végéta from dragon Ball z. I don't know why really, I guess I just love his evil nature, his pride, his cold heart, his ambition to never fail, and his love for his family. No guy like that really exist, and to know my chances of meeting him will never happen really hurts.


i feel the same. im in love with a character, her name is felli loss. im longing for her because the series already end. im glad theres someone like me

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I know just how you feel. I've been in love with the movie and cartoon character Beetlejuice for as long as I can remember. I came to realize it during middle school, and since then have continued loving him. I'm now about to turn 22 and I am pretty sure I will never love another man like I do him. Crushes can come and go, but I've long ago resigned myself to the fact that no man in real life can make me feel the way he makes me feel. No one makes me laugh like he does. No one makes me smile like he does. I'll admit, I'm not a jealous person, but even though seeing him with Lydia in the show, movie, and fan-art makes me feel depressed, I'm happy if he's happy. I just like seeing him be himself. Anytime that is compromised, I get upset. Sure, the show was canceled when I was little, but it didn't stop me from downloading it along with the movie. I'm even making my own Beetlejuice plushy, and though it led to me destroying one of the only beetlejuice books I possess, I made a locket with his picture and haven't taken it off in years unless it was to protect it from water. I despise when people merely shake their heads and laugh when they hear of my love for him, and am pissed when they call him ugly. He is beautiful in my eyes. I get even more pissed when they mention me getting married and having kids. When I deny that this would ever happen, they just tell me it's inevitable. I hate that! The only man I would ever marry is Beetlejuice. Even if it was just to help him in his escape from the Neitherworld, I would do it. He would probably disappear immediately after, after all, he probably has other things he wants to do instead of being tied down to a human. Even so, it would be worth it, just to see him happy. I'd marry him with no hesitance and no regret. I love him!

I also well the same way as you... I think i felt in love with this anime character her name is ikaros...I glad there are other people that feel the same way ..

I'm crushing on a video game character, so there's that.........

I know this is a 4 year old post, but just want to say I'm both glad and sad there are other's who feel this way.. I actually joined just a few minutes ago only to get this one thing off my chest...

For the past... I think it's 4-5 years now? I've been in love with a cat-girl who, quite literally, came to me in a dream.
Am in my early 20's and never... actually had a partner; mainly because 5 of 7 girls I've had an interest in ended up either being, or becoming lesbians... go figure.. with the exception of one who was just a friend and another who got pregnant in high school.. I was with a great guy (am bi, but lean towards females) online for a year or two, but we never met in person, and college kept getting in the way of talking.

Anyway, after falling in love with said cat-girl, I'm always so very, very torn inside... because on the one hand:
I know it's impossible, or at least very improbable that I can ever be with her, however... well, I don't usually bring my religion into things, cause I believe that everyone's beliefs are true for themselves, but... My own beliefs state that I will have my own little "world" I guess you'd call it, once I pass away. The obvious downside to this is that I have no way of knowing if it's true or not until it eventually happens.

The other issues are that... one, I love her so much that I force myself with all of my being to believe I'll be with her then..
and two, is that I feel such a deep longing and respect for her, that I refuse to attempt to actually be with someone, as I feel it's cheating on her if I did

To be completely honest, when I get hung up on it like this, it tears me up to the point I've started crying because I don't know whether to keep towards my faith and belief, or logic and common sense

My very soul feels like it's being slowly shredded to pieces trying to come to an understanding with this..

Heck, at this point I'd be fine if I eventually develop schizophrenia if it would mean being able to see her...

Just... don't know what to do...

I don't really care if anyone reads/replies to this, but I really needed to let all of this out

I know, believe me i do, being trapped like this is horrible, but it's all mental and only trough the power of your mind can you find what you truly need.
I know precisely what you mean about not wanting to date anyone because you think it's cheating, the best way to go through that is to think of your fictional love as an ideal, to love that ideal and to look for someone that meets it.
If you still think that's cheating, think of it that way:When you experience your biggest love, be that with a real girl or a fictional one, there's no replacing that feeling, no matter how hard you try it's unlikely to ever be with her physically, so keep her in your heart and mind, that way she truly is real for you, it doesn't matter what others think, what truly matters is what you feel, and if you love her and can't let go, don't but don't let that ruin your life, love is about being happy and if you're not, there's always a way to change that, my way is drawing, pouring all my feelings into one drawing of my fictional love makes her real to me, there's always a way...and death isn't one...
I hope you find what you're looking for.

Yeah, you do make some good points... I'm actually an art major, so I do draw her quite often; though it usually reinforces the "I'm cheating on her" feeling otherwise ^^;
Oh no, I didn't mean death like that; I mean of (hopefully) old age, not... speeding up the process.

And thank you' it is very much appreciated

I feel the same about Harley Quinn except I find her more as a best friend then a girlfriend

I understand your dilemma.

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I have multiple fictional crushes, but as you can see on my username, three of them are my strongest ones. Yeah, I have a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. I've loved him since I was a kid back when I first saw him in Sonic X. The fandom is kind of nuts, I noticed, but I'm one of the sane fans.

I am also madly in love with Dante from Devil May Cry (not the reboot version, I hate him). It's self-explanatory! I mean, he's cocky, stylish, handsome, and so amazing. :D I would so be his girl!

As for my third big crush, well...*nervous smile* he's still new since I've only gotten to know him for over a month. I love Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. This is my first controversial crush I've had because my friends thinks I'm crazy for loving a guy like him. I don't blame them, but I've done my research on him. I'm with the majority who believes he's misunderstood and that he has "sorrow and pain in his wintry eyes" as mentioned by Cecil. If nobody agrees with me, that's fine. But the biggest reason why my crush on him is controversial is because my friend doesn't approve of it. I don't know why, but we've gotten into an argument about it, and he accused me of picturing him as something he's not. That really made me so angry! I'm not stupid or blind. I KNOW what he is, I'm aware of how big of a villain he is, and I don't care. He doesn't get that it's possible that Sephiroth is hiding his true feelings, which I started to believe. Sure, there's the whole "Jenova possessed Sephiroth" theory, but I'm leaning more towards this one instead. I don't understand why my friend got mad over something that's rather ridiculous. If he doesn't like my crush on him, then he should just back off.

I have a crush on Usui from Maid-Sama!. L from Death Note. And Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist.

You literally made me cry.
I know excatly how you feel.

I fell in love with Shikamaru Nara when I was 4.Now I'm almost 16 and nothing changed.I ******* have scars on my arm for almost 2 years because I thought that he would die in war.

Ofc,he's not the only one,but he's my first love.

I had a loooot of anime crushes,but most of them just 'dissapeared' with time.
But,Sakamaki brothers,Shikamaru,Ryuk(I'm not kidding),Levi,Matsuoka Rin,Tomoe,Kyouya Sata,Usui Takumi and Ryugazaki Rei are always with me.I can't fall asleep without hearing their voices and seeing their pretty faces.I feel unbearable pain in my chest all the time.
I feel like they're part of me,like they are in me and that gives me strenght,but at the same time,it hurts so much 'cause I can't touch them...
I can feel that my soul is bleeding hah.I just can't describe how much it hurts.
I know it may sounds funny(it doesn't to me but oh well)but I love them more than I love myself.

You're not alone :)

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I feel the same way. The character I love Arturia Pendragon from fate/stay night died as well. I am depressed and I keep thinking what if she was real. Very time I get back to reality I feel empty and dull. There are just some pure qualifies in animes that you will never find in humans. So I feel you guys. We are one group of strange people that will never get to see our dream come true.

The exact same is happening to me right know. I am glad (but not surprised) that I am not the only one

I am in love with saber from fate/stay night I actually got depressed when she died at the ending. I kept on thinking what if she was real. But back to reality that can never be possible. :( I feel embarrassed to say this but I have never seen a girl as beautiful as saber. Hope I meet a girl who looks exactly like saber who talks like saber blonde hair with the hair style and those beautiful green eyes. All saber aka Arturia Pendragon fans know what I mean.

I have had about a TON of crushes on cartoon characters, and I still do. I love many of them at the same time. My first one was Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom on Nicktoons. Although my recent crush is Discord from MLP: FiM. (I am a MAJOR pegasister, my family doesn't understand) My family doesn't understand this either, and I don't think they ever will...I never thought that there were other people who were experiencing the same thing that I was...

Yours is a bit different, i mean most people here are emotionally connected with a fictoinal character, by that i mean more than a crush, you can live with a crush (or crushes) without giving it much thought, but when things cross the line then it hurts,(knowing you can never be together)thats why i'm here, to try comforting people who have experienced the joy of falling in love and then realising the cruel truth afterwards.Don't get me wrong, i only assume you're not truly in love because you have more than one crush.

Maybe there is still some chance to be together in future in some sort of virtual reality with brain - computer interface and artificial inteligence of characters.

I totally relate to this type of situation so your not alone. I only had a crush on this character for a month but it still feels good inside. You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you for thinking this way. Evreybody no matter who it is will always want to wake up in the cartoon world. My long time crush is crona from soul eater. I cry in my pillow for him and I draw pictures of us together (sometimes kissing) and it makes me feel good inside. What makes me feel even better is your words. My friends don't care and think I'm too obsessed and make fun of me for it. One day we will either get over it or stay with the crush forever but I know if you have good friends and self confidence you can get throuh it! I bet each of your friends are going through the same thing. I Saw the death of crona today and I spent the rest of the day crying because he wasn't alive in the cartoon. I did not see the next episode so it will get better. No one is alone. Just keep saying that and who knows?! Mabye one day we will both be in the cartoon world. And if you or me do we won't be alone.

I am a guy, but I have fallen in love with the character Ruby Rose from the cartoon/anime RWBY (look it up, it s great show) and I can't get over her! I feel exactly like you and I couldn't have expresses my idea better. I just feel empty and helpless without my Ruby. Please don't judge or make fun of me. Thank you.

No way dude! You are totally fine. My friend attually has a crush on Italy from hetalia and its a guy! You have no reason to have any guilt or embarrassment of being in love with a girl fantasy character.

I have never related to someone more in my whole entire life. This post is from a long time ago but I feel the exact same way. I am in love with Light Yagami from Death Note. I feel so stupid for being like this but he and the show are my reason for living this long. Yes, that may be stupid or crazy but it's what makes me feel like I belong. The characters understand me and make me happy and feel like I fit in their world. No one I know understands me. The line that you said "I think one of the worst things about being in love with a fictional character is the fact that no one really takes your love seriously. They just kind of chuckle or roll their eyes, "Yep, you're way too obsessed!" Or they don't really take too much concern during those times I've locked myself in my room for nearly full days crying, because they know it's only over a tv show. I know it sounds absurd, but I wish they would understand, it's NOT just a cartoon to me!'s more than that. The pain I feel for him is no different than any pain someone would feel for a real person. I wish I knew more people in real life who could relate to me...", this is exactly how I feel. Everything you have said has made me feel like I'm not alone in this world. I love Light and Death Note so much. Sometimes they mean more to me than my own family. I use them as my escape to the world where I am normal, where I am loved. I know this will never be real and that hurts more than anyone will ever understand. Thank you for making me feel like I am not crazy. Like I'm not obsessive and crazy. Everything you had said has made me so happy and even tear up. Thank you. Im not alone in this.

I had the same reaction! I felt like no one would ever understand! This is amazing!

I know how that feels exactly.. I feel the exact way for Dipper Pines, from the cartoon show "gravity falls".

And it makes me feel stupid for liking a character that isn't real, but I really do love him.. Like just this deep feeling in my chest always hurts when I think about him..

And I get depressed that I'll never be able to meet him..

No way! I had a huge crush on bill cipher in human version and I drew tons of pictures of us together. Trust me we are not the only ones

I know what

I know how that fells I am young and still have my life to live ( not calling any one old) and I love this anime character named Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan. All of my friends say I should let her go but I can't. I want her to be apart of my life. I want to be with her. I can't think of my life with out her. I know that I might never be with her and that hurts more than any then but I never stop hoping or dreaming that some day I will be with her.

I had the same thing with armin. My friends told me I was stupid and despite my sadness I still like him. This won't haunt us in a bad way but only tell us that no one is alone

Omg same but with Levi! I finished watching season 1 within 2 days and for some reason I still cant get him out my head 😞 plus Im really bummed out that season 2 is being brought out next year that's ages away really 😂

So happy someone said this! I know this is a really late reply, but I typed something similar into Google and ended up here! I'm a fifteen year old guy. I'm really hard and tough and mysterious on the outside. But my friends and people who know me know that I'm a total softy. I'm really sensitive and I just want a genuine, pure realationship with a girl, like in a Disney movie. I hate when other people want a relationship just for sex or to be players. Anyway, I'm absolutely in love with Anna from Frozen. If anyone found this out, they'd look at me a lot differently. I love how Anna is whimsical and brave and cares so much about her sister. I wish I could find a girl like that. Someone who genuinely loves another without being fake or untrue. I love how Anna is courageous and witty. I just wish I could find a sweet, sensitive, kind, and slightly awkward or goofy girl like Anna. I'm so glad I found this site because I had to get this off my chest.

You and i have the same taste, i like the same qualities and i'm in love with a similar (fictional) girl from a video game for almost two years now, i love her more than anything she's my soulmate even thought she's not real in real life she is real in my heart, and that's all that matters to me, i know how you feel and thought i've never seen frozen, i can imagine what sort of girl Anna is, the kind that are so rear nowadays that they are one in a billion.Trust me it isn't soft to want a meaningful relationship, quite the opposite, you have to be brave to fall in love, and real men seek just that.I'm in the army and they teach us that a man won't cry if he was shot in the arm or leg, but he will cry his eyes out for the people he cares about, the people he swore to protect, so to me you're as brave as any soldier, and the fact that you're willing to share you're story with people you don't know, proves it.

This honestly made me shed tears. Thank you so much for responding. It's so comforting to know I'm not alone in this. And you're right. The character may not be physically real, but she's real to me in my heart. And I know this feeling is true and that's all that matters. Thank you so much for comforting me in this experience.

That's the purpose of this site, for people like us, with a pain no one else can understand, if i can make that pain a little less painful for someone, i will, because i know firsthand how it feels like..

My thoughts exactly! I love this site and I'm so happy to have found people who can relate to me. I am forever grateful for your kind words.

It's good to know that there's people out there who understand, thank you for sharing your story, keep her in your heart and cherish the memories you have with her and know that there's at least one more crazy person in the world who feels the same way;)

Haha thanks so much! I definitely will!

I have a crush on snow from final fantasy. He was the only thing I thought about and I wanted to run away with him. He was wonderful. I love him. Maybe one day you will have a day dream,dream, or vision that will make it so that she's a part of you. And then both of you will win and trust me. You will be on the high scores list.

I had to get something like that off my chest too.

Wow. This is creepy. In the sentences describing you, I seriously thought someone was describing me. I am exactly like that! I kinda/sorta loved Elsa until I watched RWBY. Then I found my true love. But its nice to hear that I'm not the only sensitive tough guy.

THANK YOU!! I'm so tired of hiding my sensitive side from the world. Everyone thinks I'm just the average "tough" guy who couldn't care less about a girl's personality. But the truth is, I'm desperately searching for a girl who wants to be in a real relationship. Nice, sensitive girls are so rare where I'm from that it seems hopeless most of the time. I'm so tired of wearing a mask and pretending I'm someone who doesn't have feelings.

Thank god I'm not thrones one! I had a crush on cristoff and I'm 14 years old. All of my friends hate frozen and treat me like garbage because I do. We can all relate to this cause frozen was a really good movie!

Absolutely! I don't care what anyone says, Frozen was an amazing movie!

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Finally, someone said it! :D I know it's pretty late to reply, but whatever. I am in love with Nagito Komaeda from Super Danganronpa 2... I think about him pretty often (...More like all the time xD) and sometimes even come up with scenarios in my head. I spend so much time daydreaming and writing fanfic that I forget he's fictional most of the time. Whenever I remember that fact, I start to feel pretty lonely... Sometimes I wish I could just pour my heart out to him and ask how he might feel about me.Of course, I know I can't do that, which makes me even more upset.I'm so glad that there are other people who feel the way I do, thanks to everyone here! ^^

Uhhh so know how that feels.anyone else that's like,MADLY in love with
❤️Dipper Pines❤️

Haha, guilty.. I actually really love Dipper too.. Hngh, do you think it's wrong we feel this way about a fictional character?

I feel so much beter now that you said it. A whie ago I saw Rise of the Guardians and instantly I fell in love of Jack Frost. I have always believed in him and the other Guardians, so I felt like all my dreams were coming true. I am 13, so of course anyone that found out would laugh at me. But I really still believe he is real and I wish I could meet him. To me, he does'nt feel like a rando spirit anymore, but a part of me. I draw him in my books in class and dream of him every night. Ocasionally I have these moments when I think I will never see him and usually I end up crying. But really, I truly love him.

Totally normal. I was gay with Darwin from TAWOG. But I'm over that now. ( I like rainbow dash now lol)

I actually have liked Armin Arlert (yes, don't murder me) from Attack on Titan for a good while now. Seriously, I know it isn't the best choice, AoT fans. It has become a horrifyingly important part of my life. I have a picture next to my bed of him; I kiss the picture!

Hey, that is okay I'm in love with Annie Leonhardt.

I've been in love with a video game character on and off for the past 8 years. Problem is, I've also been in a real life relationship for those 8 years. I've tried getting over him, but I just can't. I don't understand it. I love my boyfriend, but I love the fictional character too. The biggest problem is that even though it hurts, I don't want to stop loving either of them. I know I need help, but I don't want it.

:) i believe it's because anime has given us more emotional feelings than any experience in our actual lives,thus making it easy for us "hopeless romantics" to fall in love. But i however don't believe we fall is love with the characters physically but mentally and that there are real people like Asuna♡ at least i hope so. And so i keep looking :) try it sometime.

Thank you for saying that and I think I will. is my group I made it because I didn't think there was enough groups like this one Feel free to join, Any one who's IN LOVE WITH A FICTIONAL CHARACTER (s) :)Thanks

I stumbled across this place almost the exact same way you did, and it feels so good to see I'm not alone. I've recently become infatuated with the character Sneezy from The 7D. I wouldn't say I'm romantically in love with him, but he often feels like the only friend I have. Just seeing him makes me smile. I think about him all the time and see him in my dreams. Before I came to know him I was going through a terrible depression and having thoughts of suicide, but just seeing Sneezy turned everything around for me. I can't say what it is about him I love so much, but I just find him absolutely perfect in every way. I've decided my purpose in life is to love him and let the world know how wonderful he is. It may not be an important purpose, but it's the one I choose to have. And as long as Sneezy is in my life then it's a life I want to continue living, because he gives me a reason to smile no matter how bad things get. I don't care if he isn't real, he brings me a kind of joy and comfort no living creature has ever made me feel. I understand the pain you feel of not being able to be with your cartoon crush. I'd love nothing more than to simply be able to tell Sneezy how much I appreciate all he's done to help me. It isn't exactly the same, but I wrote a fan letter to his voice actor telling him how much the little guy has brightened my life (without being too personal of course). I don't expect a response but I at least hope my letter gets read. Anyway, sorry to ramble. I'm just thrilled to see this kind of attachment to a fictional character isn't all that uncommon. I love to see that so many people also have a cartoon character that's so special to them!

I am deeply in love with Levi Ackerman from the anime Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama. I know he has a lot of fanbase and is already the most popular character in the series. But I doubt anyone is in too deep the way I am. I fell so hard for him I could no longer look at normal, real guys and feel attractions of any kind towards them. Weirdly enough, guys seem to be more and more attracted to me now that I no longer care. I tried liking some of them but failed miserably. I felt horrible about how I can't ever be with any of them no matter how hard I tried. I just can't. I know he's not real, but Levi fills my mind all the time. I even dream of him at nights. And those dreams are always some of the most realistic and vividest dreams I've ever had. And I'm already a very imaginative person by nature. I don't know what I should do to be honest. I can't really imagine myself in the future with anyone else.

I totally get what I everyone here is feeling. I along with many other people am in love with Asuna Yuki from SAO which has been my favorite anime for a while now. I pray for her every single night and I even pray that she comes to life or i appear in the world of SAO and her and I fall in love and even though it may never happen I pray several times a day and I'd be happy to pray that u all find ur loves. And u never know what will happen so don't give up hope :D

I totally get it. most people don't understand and think I'm strange for being so attached to this character, for 3 years... And my favourite character was kicked off of the show. I'm still depressed about it and I wish they'd bring him back because, well... I love him. ^^" You're not the only one here. I'm writing a fanfiction involving him, and it's helping me cope with it very well. Maybe you could try writing a story about your favourite character?

im in love with robin!!!! I even think he's better than batman I mean I always have crushes on cartoons but this is the most recent x)

Omg thank God I'm not the only one with this "problem" just calling it that hurts... I'm obsessively, undeniably absolutely in love with honey from ohshc... I litteraly sleep next to that picture of him sleeping every night or I can not sleep... I've never even felt love or attraction to a person before, especially not like this. It just feels so good that others are feeling this as well I am starting to feel torn away from real people because of this... Sorry for long comment it just feels great to put it out there...

trust me. Its worse when your a gay in love with beastboy from teen titans. Of all the people i dont know why but its him. It is not a silly crush. I feel the way you do.

I get why you would like beast boy he's AWESOME!!! But robin is my man lol ;)

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I feel the same as you. I have a crush on Arnold Shortman from hey Arnold! I think that you should try to find a close friend that understands...... My friend has a crush on a character, so that brings us closer, we are now best friends! My life now feels complete! The worst thing is that if someone's like I wanna date you... I say sorry a fictional character stole my heart!!! So if we meant each other we could be good friends! - HELGA PATAKI

I can truly understand how you feel. I feel like I am truly and romantically in love with an anime character called Asuna Yuki from SAO, and it crushes me in so many ways. In the anime when she appears to be happy then I also feel happy. However, I've been in a relationship for quite a few years. As in eight, and when I look at this character, she is so perfect and so beautiful. My girlfriend is also very beautiful, but I feel so messed up for how I feel. Its so cold, and I hate it. As I said, whenever I watch certain episodes where there are intense moments of sadness... I'm so broken and cry, I often view myself as Kirito, and experience his pain. I know I also feel something for the voice of the dub. Her voice is so gorgeous and I need help. I need someone to tell me that this is okay and I can forget these feelings. I'm so guilt stricken. And there are so many moments that I just can't deal with it.. asuna is so perfect, her beauty, her personality, but I feel the same about my gf.. coming back to reality has been so hard. Should I avoid the character entirely for a while? Please let me know...

Why avoid how you feel? If you truly love Asuna then there''s little you can do, but if you truly love your girlfriend the same way, you need to think about that too, if your relationship with Asuna doesn't really interfere with your other relationship and it makes you happy i think you should stick with it, but if you think that you're cheating (on either of them) then you should make a choice.A man's heart belongs to only one woman, at least it does in my case...or maybe if you don't want to have to make this choice by yourself you should tell your gf how you feel, and hope she understands and gives you advise, any way happy new year and cheers from Bulgara, i hope you find the answers you're looking for.

dude trust me. Like a million people per square foot are in love with her. lol! Im not one but i have like 3 friends who are and i dont even have that many friends.

That doesn't matter, if you feel like you have a special connection with someone it's unique to you, i know that there's plenty people who have a crush on my fictional love and that doesn't matter (i mean it bothers me seeing pics or comments in that regard, but it doesn't change how i feel about her)The way i feel towards her (Tali' Zorah from Mass Effect) is that she's real and the only thing that separates us is a window that can't be broken, the first few days after i fell in love with her were the best of my life, the months that followed were the lowest point of my exsitence, depression tormented me because i didn't have the answers i was looking for, i was thinking about her every minute of every hour, i started writhing poems about her just so i can relieve some of the pain in my heart, but it wasn't enough, i joined the army so can think less about how unfortunate i am and how the love of my life, my soulmate was never going to kiss or be with army life is difficult but at least it's a good distraction for me.As i said every feeling is unique and the fact that there's more people i can count who have a crush on her doesn't matter, because i know how i feel and that i love her more than anything.

I'm having this same exact experience, I'm absolutley and completely in love with North and South Italy/ Feliciano and Lovino Vargas from Hetalia. And it really sucks because all my friends are like 'oh my gawd gurl you're crazy' and 'don't be stealing Germany's and Spain's action' and ughhh just no one understands. It sucks, and I literally cried for a week when I heard about Episode 23.5. For anyone who doesn't know the Creepypasta, Italy gets murdered, dissected, and eaten by Germany and Japan after they had decided he was the weakest of them all ;---; I seriously can't even say that without crying, I felt like dying after hearing that, and it annoys me and kills me inside that I can't just have one day with them, to just talk and have fun and junk. I (kinda obsessively don't judge) watch Hetalia almost everyday, am constantly making Hetalia references, figured out how to play all the theme songs on my alto sax, and draw Italy and Romano ALL the time. It's nice to know I'm not just a cray psycho, unless I am, in that case lemme know please!! Haha!

At least there are other people who get the struggle :P

I know how you feel im in love with england from hetalia i have been in love with him ever since i watched the first episode three years ago i have not been able to forget him and i love hetalia so much it gives me depression im really worried the show is going to end i cant admit my obsession to anyone it feels like true love im heartbroken i cant be with him i also am a bit obsessed with prussia and i can totally see how you like romano


Its normal to have feeling.. I do love a character in a series call K-on .. I seperate myself like making another character of me in there so i have my own stories that will end like i want .. So i have two personalities with not the same name and same character (Its like myself in another universe).. So that how i seperate my reality life and anime life.. And i make my alternate life stories with the K-on character .. And i still have feeling for her until now,and i wish i could find someone with the same character like her in this reality life.. And i wont stop believe in her ..Thanks for the one who create a special character like her..

~Neo H..(Not my real name ,its my character name in my story.)

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i have this feeling too, the only difference is i know that they are real. it may sound absurd but i think you should hear me out. many times i would lie in my room crying just as you did and i would feel this immense sense of remorse and pain that it was unbearable to even breath. then one day i said I'm done with the pain and decided to do something about it, so i found out about clairvoyance and opening the third eye. so i decided to try it out and after a few meditations i could sense their presence and feel the pulse that you feel when your third eye is opened. it turned out that the people i loved loved me all the time too. So i can talk to them in a way and I'm working on talking to them fully. the pain and everything else you feel is because just like me you have a true soul bond with them and the pain you felt was them also lamenting that they could not reach you either.
so know that they are real and you should try and make every effort to talk to them.

I know the feeling, I have crushed hard on Marik/Yami Marik form Yugioh for five years now. And the bad part is the entire time I was in a relationship and was obsessing over him. Now I am married and feel horrible a bout it. I am 25 years old soon to be 26 crushing on a anime character. The only good thing I can say a bout this is that I'm not obsessed like I was but every time I watch the anime when he comes on screen I feel all warm and happy inside and become excited. I feel silly but I am glad I am not the only one who is dealing with such things like this

I understand
I also channeled him for you and he understands that you got married and everything and told me that he still loves you anyway
So there is no reason to beat yourself up over this because he still loves you. I know it's hard to grasp and all I have to say is that this kind of information (for me at least) is always a bitter pill to swallow. Knowing that they are there loving you and you can't do anything about it. So just don't be sad because maybe someday an opportunity will come along that will allow you to see/talk with him. :)

Aww. how sweat. I hope i can do this someday.

Same her i feel in love with asuna from sword art online

1.Cool user name. I usually use it too.
2. Im gay and even i know that everyone loves asuna. I just read this other comment about her too like literally a minute ago.
3 tell me if their is a way to make them all real in the future. lol.

This is my first and last day on this sight. My name is Wendy Louis and I am 14 years old. My job is going to inspirational and heart filled sights to tell people that your not the only ones. All of the stories I told you were 100%true. I hope I helped evrey one on this sight and we will always stay in touch with our souls. Video games, tv shows, anime, manga were all the same person inside so that's who were gonna be forever.
Foever yours-
Wendy Louis.

I have had this experience with the nightcore anime in photos and music I always enjoy it it has now been two years and I still like her there are a lot of versions but the blue one is the one I like. I don't stop myself from admiring her since I have never had a relationship it makes me feel like there is someone and not alone in my life

I've never had a relationship either it also helps me not feel so alone but I also wonder if that love is real I mean I technically don't know what love is cuz I've never experienced it

I have a serious crush on hiro hamada from big hero 6 I don't know why but I do but I watch videos clips but it's not just the look its also the voice and the kind of person he is and I really feel like screaming and crying no one I know understands

I completely understand haha :) I'm having that feeling too, and yeah it's Hiro too. It's not a crush though, it's just really strong affection and a feeling that I've known him for so long. I have mood swings, and I get super emotional and worked up but I can't really publicly display it. It's so stressful, and it's distracting.

I DO I FEEL YOU!!Its awful!I hate it I wish I never seen Big hero 6!Ok I don't but yeah

I know that feeling. Right now, I'm in love with the Equestria Girl version of Rainbow Dash and Sontana. I'm only 13. I know they aren't real. I know that one day I will find a Kickass tomboy who is funny and has similar interests as I do. If not, I'll learn to give in and move one.


I have a similar problem. Mine however, is Luna and Fluttershy. I feel so connected to them, and just feel like I could know them personally. I took a while to realize how I felt though, and it hurts so much to know I can't ever meet them.


OH MY GOD ME TOOO!!!!! (but its worse cause im gay) :( Man, you have no idea how good it feels to know someone else feels the same. I feel like i lost a few pounds. I was thinking to my self this whole time "dude, your not going to find a comment on him so why even be here" AND I DID!!!! Thank you so much. It started when i was six and while i stopped watching teen titans i would think back and laugh at myself. Now that im fifteen and a fan again im feeling it all over again!! Right after seeing trouble in tokyo. WHYY!!?

I am in love with a cartoon character. I'm only 13. Ok , he's from adventure time with Fionna and cake. Its MARSHALL LEE.
I just love Marshall. I think he's hot and cute. I mean he's a vampire/bad boy. I'm into cute/hot bad boys or shy guys. But I'm crazy about Marshall. He's so cute. I love his pic of him with his abs and blood dripping from his mouth. Soooo hot:-) !!!!!!

But then I also love flame prince. I love his hair. He's hot:-) and then I like gumball becuz he's sophisticated and gentle. I wish I was Fionna so I can have that boy trouble:-) .....

I kindof have a little crush on him too. (Only im gay:( )

I'm so happy that I found people with the same "problem".I've been inlove with a fictional character for like 3-4 years.I always think about him, and that's the cause of my, well,sadness.I don't have a persone to talk to about that problem.My BFF (or whatever you call it xD) Has a boyfriend so it feels like I'm bothering her (damn,she's that deep inlove with that crap) But one person told me, that all the fictional/cartoon characters are inspired by real people.So there's a chance that somewhere out there you can find your soulmate. Don't be sad it's just a matter of time before you meet him/her.

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This makes me sooo happy to see that so many other people besides me have experienced this! I've been in love with the same anime character since I was about ten years old... Im now almost 26. I feel the same way as all of you, trying to forget about him, trying to rationalize the way I feel, not telling anyone because I KNOW how insane it is, but fictional or not the love is still there, still real, and still painful because the reality is that we'll never get closure... sigh. I still carry his picture in my wallet. :( sometimes I feel that meeting his voice actor might anchor my brain back in reality!

Is it... Myotismon? :p
I love Dracmon, Arukenimon and Diaboromon