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In Love With A Cartoon Character...

Well, I typed in 'Dealing with being in love with a fictional character' into Google, and I ended up on this site. I've been in love with the same cartoon character for nearly 7 years. Yes, I know, lots of people get crushes on cartoon or anime characters, and it usually only lasts a year or two, and then they move into another character. I kind of had that mentality when I first got a HUGE crush on this character from a cartoon show. I figured in about a year or two, my obsession would ware off, or I would just eventually get over him.

Well, years past...and to this day, I still feel absolutely, undeniably, in love with this cartoon character. It's certainly no longer a crush. I have this mental, psychological need for this character in my life, and I love him deeply, like a lover, like a family member, like a brother. To be honest...he's the only boy i've ever loved. I've never loved, or even had a crush on a real person before, and even just admitting that to myself feels weird.

I think about him every single day of my life. He's the last thought on my mind as I fall to sleep at night, and my first thought as I wake up in the morning. Even though he's a fictional character, he's changed my life so drastically. I feel this emptiness inside of me...a little bit every day, thinking about how he's not real, how I can't ever speak to him, or touch him, or tell him how much I love him. It makes my chest feel like it's going to burst. Oddly enough, at the same time, this character makes me feel not alone...Like there's someone else in my life, deep inside of me, even when the entire world seems to be against me, I still have him. I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates, but if such a thing existed, I think this character would be my soulmate.

When this cartoon was cancelled years ago, I spiralled into a horrible state of depression. I felt like he had died, and my world was falling apart. It hurt SO much, more than anyone who has never experienced it could ever imagine. The depression took about 4 years to fully heal...and I had to convince myself that despite how I feel, he's a cartoon character, and cartoon characters don't die...I'm really glad that period of my life is over.

I still watch repeats of this show all the time, just to get a high from seeing the character and hearing the sound of his voice...Alot of the time I just like to pretend he's a real person. Sometimes he feels more real to me than any of my friends...sometimes even my family. I feel like such an outcast and so is this character, perhaps that's why I feel like I can relate to him so much. I think one of the worst things about being in love with a fictional character is the fact that no one really takes your love seriously. They just kind of chuckle or roll their eyes, "Yep, you're way too obsessed!" Or they don't really take too much concern during those times I've locked myself in my room for nearly full days crying, because they know it's only over a tv show. I know it sounds absurd, but I wish they would understand, it's NOT just a cartoon to me!'s more than that. The pain I feel for him is no different than any pain someone would feel for a real person. I wish I knew more people in real life who could relate to me...

Yes, I know at times my love has been unhealthy, and loving this character sometimes hurts alot. On the other hand, this character makes me feel SO happy, I'm so glad someone created him, because I know what I'm feeling is love, and naturally, love is a wonderful feeling. I feel like I could curl up beside him and die happy. Besides, real relationships have their highs and lows too, so why should I force myself to stop loving this character? It's bound to happen eventually, so why push it? Although I always wish there was some way I could be with this character, it makes me feel like screaming! I've always wished I could just wake up in a cartoon world one day...

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I feel the same way. The character I love Arturia Pendragon from fate/stay night died as well. I am depressed and I keep thinking what if she was real. Very time I get back to reality I feel empty and dull. There are just some pure qualifies in animes that you will never find in humans. So I feel you guys. We are one group of strange people that will never get to see our dream come true.

I am in love with saber from fate/stay night I actually got depressed when she died at the ending. I kept on thinking what if she was real. But back to reality that can never be possible. :( I feel embarrassed to say this but I have never seen a girl as beautiful as saber. Hope I meet a girl who looks exactly like saber who talks like saber blonde hair with the hair style and those beautiful green eyes. All saber aka Arturia Pendragon fans know what I mean.

I have had about a TON of crushes on cartoon characters, and I still do. I love many of them at the same time. My first one was Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom on Nicktoons. Although my recent crush is Discord from MLP: FiM. (I am a MAJOR pegasister, my family doesn't understand) My family doesn't understand this either, and I don't think they ever will...I never thought that there were other people who were experiencing the same thing that I was...

Yours is a bit different, i mean most people here are emotionally connected with a fictoinal character, by that i mean more than a crush, you can live with a crush (or crushes) without giving it much thought, but when things cross the line then it hurts,(knowing you can never be together)thats why i'm here, to try comforting people who have experienced the joy of falling in love and then realising the cruel truth afterwards.Don't get me wrong, i only assume you're not truly in love because you have more than one crush.

I totally relate to this type of situation so your not alone. I only had a crush on this character for a month but it still feels good inside. You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you for thinking this way. Evreybody no matter who it is will always want to wake up in the cartoon world. My long time crush is crona from soul eater. I cry in my pillow for him and I draw pictures of us together (sometimes kissing) and it makes me feel good inside. What makes me feel even better is your words. My friends don't care and think I'm too obsessed and make fun of me for it. One day we will either get over it or stay with the crush forever but I know if you have good friends and self confidence you can get throuh it! I bet each of your friends are going through the same thing. I Saw the death of crona today and I spent the rest of the day crying because he wasn't alive in the cartoon. I did not see the next episode so it will get better. No one is alone. Just keep saying that and who knows?! Mabye one day we will both be in the cartoon world. And if you or me do we won't be alone.

I am a guy, but I have fallen in love with the character Ruby Rose from the cartoon/anime RWBY (look it up, it s great show) and I can't get over her! I feel exactly like you and I couldn't have expresses my idea better. I just feel empty and helpless without my Ruby. Please don't judge or make fun of me. Thank you.

No way dude! You are totally fine. My friend attually has a crush on Italy from hetalia and its a guy! You have no reason to have any guilt or embarrassment of being in love with a girl fantasy character.

I have never related to someone more in my whole entire life. This post is from a long time ago but I feel the exact same way. I am in love with Light Yagami from Death Note. I feel so stupid for being like this but he and the show are my reason for living this long. Yes, that may be stupid or crazy but it's what makes me feel like I belong. The characters understand me and make me happy and feel like I fit in their world. No one I know understands me. The line that you said "I think one of the worst things about being in love with a fictional character is the fact that no one really takes your love seriously. They just kind of chuckle or roll their eyes, "Yep, you're way too obsessed!" Or they don't really take too much concern during those times I've locked myself in my room for nearly full days crying, because they know it's only over a tv show. I know it sounds absurd, but I wish they would understand, it's NOT just a cartoon to me!'s more than that. The pain I feel for him is no different than any pain someone would feel for a real person. I wish I knew more people in real life who could relate to me...", this is exactly how I feel. Everything you have said has made me feel like I'm not alone in this world. I love Light and Death Note so much. Sometimes they mean more to me than my own family. I use them as my escape to the world where I am normal, where I am loved. I know this will never be real and that hurts more than anyone will ever understand. Thank you for making me feel like I am not crazy. Like I'm not obsessive and crazy. Everything you had said has made me so happy and even tear up. Thank you. Im not alone in this.

I had the same reaction! I felt like no one would ever understand! This is amazing!

I know how that feels exactly.. I feel the exact way for Dipper Pines, from the cartoon show "gravity falls".

And it makes me feel stupid for liking a character that isn't real, but I really do love him.. Like just this deep feeling in my chest always hurts when I think about him..

And I get depressed that I'll never be able to meet him..

No way! I had a huge crush on bill cipher in human version and I drew tons of pictures of us together. Trust me we are not the only ones

I know what

I know how that fells I am young and still have my life to live ( not calling any one old) and I love this anime character named Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan. All of my friends say I should let her go but I can't. I want her to be apart of my life. I want to be with her. I can't think of my life with out her. I know that I might never be with her and that hurts more than any then but I never stop hoping or dreaming that some day I will be with her.

I had the same thing with armin. My friends told me I was stupid and despite my sadness I still like him. This won't haunt us in a bad way but only tell us that no one is alone

Omg same but with Levi! I finished watching season 1 within 2 days and for some reason I still cant get him out my head 😞 plus Im really bummed out that season 2 is being brought out next year that's ages away really 😂

So happy someone said this! I know this is a really late reply, but I typed something similar into Google and ended up here! I'm a fifteen year old guy. I'm really hard and tough and mysterious on the outside. But my friends and people who know me know that I'm a total softy. I'm really sensitive and I just want a genuine, pure realationship with a girl, like in a Disney movie. I hate when other people want a relationship just for sex or to be players. Anyway, I'm absolutely in love with Anna from Frozen. If anyone found this out, they'd look at me a lot differently. I love how Anna is whimsical and brave and cares so much about her sister. I wish I could find a girl like that. Someone who genuinely loves another without being fake or untrue. I love how Anna is courageous and witty. I just wish I could find a sweet, sensitive, kind, and slightly awkward or goofy girl like Anna. I'm so glad I found this site because I had to get this off my chest.

You and i have the same taste, i like the same qualities and i'm in love with a similar (fictional) girl from a video game for almost two years now, i love her more than anything she's my soulmate even thought she's not real in real life she is real in my heart, and that's all that matters to me, i know how you feel and thought i've never seen frozen, i can imagine what sort of girl Anna is, the kind that are so rear nowadays that they are one in a billion.Trust me it isn't soft to want a meaningful relationship, quite the opposite, you have to be brave to fall in love, and real men seek just that.I'm in the army and they teach us that a man won't cry if he was shot in the arm or leg, but he will cry his eyes out for the people he cares about, the people he swore to protect, so to me you're as brave as any soldier, and the fact that you're willing to share you're story with people you don't know, proves it.

This honestly made me shed tears. Thank you so much for responding. It's so comforting to know I'm not alone in this. And you're right. The character may not be physically real, but she's real to me in my heart. And I know this feeling is true and that's all that matters. Thank you so much for comforting me in this experience.

That's the purpose of this site, for people like us, with a pain no one else can understand, if i can make that pain a little less painful for someone, i will, because i know firsthand how it feels like..

My thoughts exactly! I love this site and I'm so happy to have found people who can relate to me. I am forever grateful for your kind words.

It's good to know that there's people out there who understand, thank you for sharing your story, keep her in your heart and cherish the memories you have with her and know that there's at least one more crazy person in the world who feels the same way;)

Haha thanks so much! I definitely will!

I have a crush on snow from final fantasy. He was the only thing I thought about and I wanted to run away with him. He was wonderful. I love him. Maybe one day you will have a day dream,dream, or vision that will make it so that she's a part of you. And then both of you will win and trust me. You will be on the high scores list.

I had to get something like that off my chest too.

Wow. This is creepy. In the sentences describing you, I seriously thought someone was describing me. I am exactly like that! I kinda/sorta loved Elsa until I watched RWBY. Then I found my true love. But its nice to hear that I'm not the only sensitive tough guy.

THANK YOU!! I'm so tired of hiding my sensitive side from the world. Everyone thinks I'm just the average "tough" guy who couldn't care less about a girl's personality. But the truth is, I'm desperately searching for a girl who wants to be in a real relationship. Nice, sensitive girls are so rare where I'm from that it seems hopeless most of the time. I'm so tired of wearing a mask and pretending I'm someone who doesn't have feelings.

Thank god I'm not thrones one! I had a crush on cristoff and I'm 14 years old. All of my friends hate frozen and treat me like garbage because I do. We can all relate to this cause frozen was a really good movie!

Absolutely! I don't care what anyone says, Frozen was an amazing movie!

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Finally, someone said it! :D I know it's pretty late to reply, but whatever. I am in love with Nagito Komaeda from Super Danganronpa 2... I think about him pretty often (...More like all the time xD) and sometimes even come up with scenarios in my head. I spend so much time daydreaming and writing fanfic that I forget he's fictional most of the time. Whenever I remember that fact, I start to feel pretty lonely... Sometimes I wish I could just pour my heart out to him and ask how he might feel about me.Of course, I know I can't do that, which makes me even more upset.I'm so glad that there are other people who feel the way I do, thanks to everyone here! ^^

Uhhh so know how that feels.anyone else that's like,MADLY in love with
❤️Dipper Pines❤️

Haha, guilty.. I actually really love Dipper too.. Hngh, do you think it's wrong we feel this way about a fictional character?

I feel so much beter now that you said it. A whie ago I saw Rise of the Guardians and instantly I fell in love of Jack Frost. I have always believed in him and the other Guardians, so I felt like all my dreams were coming true. I am 13, so of course anyone that found out would laugh at me. But I really still believe he is real and I wish I could meet him. To me, he does'nt feel like a rando spirit anymore, but a part of me. I draw him in my books in class and dream of him every night. Ocasionally I have these moments when I think I will never see him and usually I end up crying. But really, I truly love him.

Totally normal. I was gay with Darwin from TAWOG. But I'm over that now. ( I like rainbow dash now lol)

I actually have liked Armin Arlert (yes, don't murder me) from Attack on Titan for a good while now. Seriously, I know it isn't the best choice, AoT fans. It has become a horrifyingly important part of my life. I have a picture next to my bed of him; I kiss the picture!

Hey, that is okay I'm in love with Annie Leonhardt.

I've been in love with a video game character on and off for the past 8 years. Problem is, I've also been in a real life relationship for those 8 years. I've tried getting over him, but I just can't. I don't understand it. I love my boyfriend, but I love the fictional character too. The biggest problem is that even though it hurts, I don't want to stop loving either of them. I know I need help, but I don't want it.

:) i believe it's because anime has given us more emotional feelings than any experience in our actual lives,thus making it easy for us "hopeless romantics" to fall in love. But i however don't believe we fall is love with the characters physically but mentally and that there are real people like Asuna♡ at least i hope so. And so i keep looking :) try it sometime.

Thank you for saying that and I think I will. is my group I made it because I didn't think there was enough groups like this one Feel free to join, Any one who's IN LOVE WITH A FICTIONAL CHARACTER (s) :)Thanks

I stumbled across this place almost the exact same way you did, and it feels so good to see I'm not alone. I've recently become infatuated with the character Sneezy from The 7D. I wouldn't say I'm romantically in love with him, but he often feels like the only friend I have. Just seeing him makes me smile. I think about him all the time and see him in my dreams. Before I came to know him I was going through a terrible depression and having thoughts of suicide, but just seeing Sneezy turned everything around for me. I can't say what it is about him I love so much, but I just find him absolutely perfect in every way. I've decided my purpose in life is to love him and let the world know how wonderful he is. It may not be an important purpose, but it's the one I choose to have. And as long as Sneezy is in my life then it's a life I want to continue living, because he gives me a reason to smile no matter how bad things get. I don't care if he isn't real, he brings me a kind of joy and comfort no living creature has ever made me feel. I understand the pain you feel of not being able to be with your cartoon crush. I'd love nothing more than to simply be able to tell Sneezy how much I appreciate all he's done to help me. It isn't exactly the same, but I wrote a fan letter to his voice actor telling him how much the little guy has brightened my life (without being too personal of course). I don't expect a response but I at least hope my letter gets read. Anyway, sorry to ramble. I'm just thrilled to see this kind of attachment to a fictional character isn't all that uncommon. I love to see that so many people also have a cartoon character that's so special to them!

I am deeply in love with Levi Ackerman from the anime Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama. I know he has a lot of fanbase and is already the most popular character in the series. But I doubt anyone is in too deep the way I am. I fell so hard for him I could no longer look at normal, real guys and feel attractions of any kind towards them. Weirdly enough, guys seem to be more and more attracted to me now that I no longer care. I tried liking some of them but failed miserably. I felt horrible about how I can't ever be with any of them no matter how hard I tried. I just can't. I know he's not real, but Levi fills my mind all the time. I even dream of him at nights. And those dreams are always some of the most realistic and vividest dreams I've ever had. And I'm already a very imaginative person by nature. I don't know what I should do to be honest. I can't really imagine myself in the future with anyone else.

I totally get what I everyone here is feeling. I along with many other people am in love with Asuna Yuki from SAO which has been my favorite anime for a while now. I pray for her every single night and I even pray that she comes to life or i appear in the world of SAO and her and I fall in love and even though it may never happen I pray several times a day and I'd be happy to pray that u all find ur loves. And u never know what will happen so don't give up hope :D

I totally get it. most people don't understand and think I'm strange for being so attached to this character, for 3 years... And my favourite character was kicked off of the show. I'm still depressed about it and I wish they'd bring him back because, well... I love him. ^^" You're not the only one here. I'm writing a fanfiction involving him, and it's helping me cope with it very well. Maybe you could try writing a story about your favourite character?

im in love with robin!!!! I even think he's better than batman I mean I always have crushes on cartoons but this is the most recent x)

Omg thank God I'm not the only one with this "problem" just calling it that hurts... I'm obsessively, undeniably absolutely in love with honey from ohshc... I litteraly sleep next to that picture of him sleeping every night or I can not sleep... I've never even felt love or attraction to a person before, especially not like this. It just feels so good that others are feeling this as well I am starting to feel torn away from real people because of this... Sorry for long comment it just feels great to put it out there...

trust me. Its worse when your a gay in love with beastboy from teen titans. Of all the people i dont know why but its him. It is not a silly crush. I feel the way you do.

I get why you would like beast boy he's AWESOME!!! But robin is my man lol ;)

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I feel the same as you. I have a crush on Arnold Shortman from hey Arnold! I think that you should try to find a close friend that understands...... My friend has a crush on a character, so that brings us closer, we are now best friends! My life now feels complete! The worst thing is that if someone's like I wanna date you... I say sorry a fictional character stole my heart!!! So if we meant each other we could be good friends! - HELGA PATAKI

I can truly understand how you feel. I feel like I am truly and romantically in love with an anime character called Asuna Yuki from SAO, and it crushes me in so many ways. In the anime when she appears to be happy then I also feel happy. However, I've been in a relationship for quite a few years. As in eight, and when I look at this character, she is so perfect and so beautiful. My girlfriend is also very beautiful, but I feel so messed up for how I feel. Its so cold, and I hate it. As I said, whenever I watch certain episodes where there are intense moments of sadness... I'm so broken and cry, I often view myself as Kirito, and experience his pain. I know I also feel something for the voice of the dub. Her voice is so gorgeous and I need help. I need someone to tell me that this is okay and I can forget these feelings. I'm so guilt stricken. And there are so many moments that I just can't deal with it.. asuna is so perfect, her beauty, her personality, but I feel the same about my gf.. coming back to reality has been so hard. Should I avoid the character entirely for a while? Please let me know...

Why avoid how you feel? If you truly love Asuna then there''s little you can do, but if you truly love your girlfriend the same way, you need to think about that too, if your relationship with Asuna doesn't really interfere with your other relationship and it makes you happy i think you should stick with it, but if you think that you're cheating (on either of them) then you should make a choice.A man's heart belongs to only one woman, at least it does in my case...or maybe if you don't want to have to make this choice by yourself you should tell your gf how you feel, and hope she understands and gives you advise, any way happy new year and cheers from Bulgara, i hope you find the answers you're looking for.

dude trust me. Like a million people per square foot are in love with her. lol! Im not one but i have like 3 friends who are and i dont even have that many friends.

That doesn't matter, if you feel like you have a special connection with someone it's unique to you, i know that there's plenty people who have a crush on my fictional love and that doesn't matter (i mean it bothers me seeing pics or comments in that regard, but it doesn't change how i feel about her)The way i feel towards her (Tali' Zorah from Mass Effect) is that she's real and the only thing that separates us is a window that can't be broken, the first few days after i fell in love with her were the best of my life, the months that followed were the lowest point of my exsitence, depression tormented me because i didn't have the answers i was looking for, i was thinking about her every minute of every hour, i started writhing poems about her just so i can relieve some of the pain in my heart, but it wasn't enough, i joined the army so can think less about how unfortunate i am and how the love of my life, my soulmate was never going to kiss or be with army life is difficult but at least it's a good distraction for me.As i said every feeling is unique and the fact that there's more people i can count who have a crush on her doesn't matter, because i know how i feel and that i love her more than anything.

I'm having this same exact experience, I'm absolutley and completely in love with North and South Italy/ Feliciano and Lovino Vargas from Hetalia. And it really sucks because all my friends are like 'oh my gawd gurl you're crazy' and 'don't be stealing Germany's and Spain's action' and ughhh just no one understands. It sucks, and I literally cried for a week when I heard about Episode 23.5. For anyone who doesn't know the Creepypasta, Italy gets murdered, dissected, and eaten by Germany and Japan after they had decided he was the weakest of them all ;---; I seriously can't even say that without crying, I felt like dying after hearing that, and it annoys me and kills me inside that I can't just have one day with them, to just talk and have fun and junk. I (kinda obsessively don't judge) watch Hetalia almost everyday, am constantly making Hetalia references, figured out how to play all the theme songs on my alto sax, and draw Italy and Romano ALL the time. It's nice to know I'm not just a cray psycho, unless I am, in that case lemme know please!! Haha!

At least there are other people who get the struggle :P

I know how you feel im in love with england from hetalia i have been in love with him ever since i watched the first episode three years ago i have not been able to forget him and i love hetalia so much it gives me depression im really worried the show is going to end i cant admit my obsession to anyone it feels like true love im heartbroken i cant be with him i also am a bit obsessed with prussia and i can totally see how you like romano


Its normal to have feeling.. I do love a character in a series call K-on .. I seperate myself like making another character of me in there so i have my own stories that will end like i want .. So i have two personalities with not the same name and same character (Its like myself in another universe).. So that how i seperate my reality life and anime life.. And i make my alternate life stories with the K-on character .. And i still have feeling for her until now,and i wish i could find someone with the same character like her in this reality life.. And i wont stop believe in her ..Thanks for the one who create a special character like her..

~Neo H..(Not my real name ,its my character name in my story.)

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