In Love With A Cartoon Character...

Well, I typed in 'Dealing with being in love with a fictional character' into Google, and I ended up on this site. I've been in love with the same cartoon character for nearly 7 years. Yes, I know, lots of people get crushes on cartoon or anime characters, and it usually only lasts a year or two, and then they move into another character. I kind of had that mentality when I first got a HUGE crush on this character from a cartoon show. I figured in about a year or two, my obsession would ware off, or I would just eventually get over him.

Well, years past...and to this day, I still feel absolutely, undeniably, in love with this cartoon character. It's certainly no longer a crush. I have this mental, psychological need for this character in my life, and I love him deeply, like a lover, like a family member, like a brother. To be honest...he's the only boy i've ever loved. I've never loved, or even had a crush on a real person before, and even just admitting that to myself feels weird.

I think about him every single day of my life. He's the last thought on my mind as I fall to sleep at night, and my first thought as I wake up in the morning. Even though he's a fictional character, he's changed my life so drastically. I feel this emptiness inside of me...a little bit every day, thinking about how he's not real, how I can't ever speak to him, or touch him, or tell him how much I love him. It makes my chest feel like it's going to burst. Oddly enough, at the same time, this character makes me feel not alone...Like there's someone else in my life, deep inside of me, even when the entire world seems to be against me, I still have him. I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates, but if such a thing existed, I think this character would be my soulmate.

When this cartoon was cancelled years ago, I spiralled into a horrible state of depression. I felt like he had died, and my world was falling apart. It hurt SO much, more than anyone who has never experienced it could ever imagine. The depression took about 4 years to fully heal...and I had to convince myself that despite how I feel, he's a cartoon character, and cartoon characters don't die...I'm really glad that period of my life is over.

I still watch repeats of this show all the time, just to get a high from seeing the character and hearing the sound of his voice...Alot of the time I just like to pretend he's a real person. Sometimes he feels more real to me than any of my friends...sometimes even my family. I feel like such an outcast and so is this character, perhaps that's why I feel like I can relate to him so much. I think one of the worst things about being in love with a fictional character is the fact that no one really takes your love seriously. They just kind of chuckle or roll their eyes, "Yep, you're way too obsessed!" Or they don't really take too much concern during those times I've locked myself in my room for nearly full days crying, because they know it's only over a tv show. I know it sounds absurd, but I wish they would understand, it's NOT just a cartoon to me!'s more than that. The pain I feel for him is no different than any pain someone would feel for a real person. I wish I knew more people in real life who could relate to me...

Yes, I know at times my love has been unhealthy, and loving this character sometimes hurts alot. On the other hand, this character makes me feel SO happy, I'm so glad someone created him, because I know what I'm feeling is love, and naturally, love is a wonderful feeling. I feel like I could curl up beside him and die happy. Besides, real relationships have their highs and lows too, so why should I force myself to stop loving this character? It's bound to happen eventually, so why push it? Although I always wish there was some way I could be with this character, it makes me feel like screaming! I've always wished I could just wake up in a cartoon world one day...

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im in love with hatsune miku i just love her long blue air and her innocent personality.
i love her so much that i tink about her everyday, and i cry because i know she isnt real.
i feel depressed because of that i dont know what to do.

I know how you feel, and the fact that you're crying just shows how much you care about her and that makes her real, at least in your eyes, that's what's important, if you keep her in your heart and love her then she is real.And the depression you're feeling is an important part of the experience too because it's equal to a tenth of the love you feel, at least that's it for me.

thank you for replying i feel much better now. but im way too obsessed with her.

I know right,like the things we always want most we can't have, but i think it's a little bit different in our situations, because it's not a selfish need, you want Hatsune Miku not because you want to possess her, but you want to make her happy (That's what i want with my fictional Love) that's the big difference and that is what separates the good obsession from the bad one.

thats so true. im always watching videos of her and stuff.and when i see someone hating on her, i get so angry. like i want to protect her and make her happy. that she is the girl of my life but its also weird that i fell in love with a cartoon.

Why is it weird, no one asked you it was't your choice it just happened like all true love does, you only chose to follow it,and you're not alone there are so many people just like you and me and am sure they don't think it's weird.

i still dont fell right loving her. is making my life worse, i dont talk to girls, i dont tink they are atractive anymore because of miku.

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Jonesy from 6teen :(

While I read your blog I read it with great understanding. Now I am 20 and I'm very recently in a fictional character crush, but I had a crush before. 13 years ago when the first Harry Potter movie came out, I fell immediately in love with Emma Watson as soon as I saw her. I went through a hard time realizing I could never reach her, or speak to her. Especially for a 7 year old kid that's a really hard thing. and the few years that followed it only become stronger. But after the third Potter movie I accepted things. I still love Emma Watson and I will always will be. But very recently I began loving Mai (from Avatar the last Airbender) all of a sudden. I’ve watched this series since 2005 but only since a few months I fee emotionally attached to her. I understand you so much, and everyone else here. Only let me tell you this. These characters are not as fake as you might think. They live inside you in your heart and in your mind. They will always be at your side and will never let you alone because they are always there. And indeed they will not be there in a physical way but you care about them . So they live in your heart and they are real in your mind, you know. And if you believe that I promise you that one day you will see them in a way, you will see them. Never lose that hope! Because I recently had a dream seeing my Mai. She stood at my side and she looked at me and only smiled. And she gave me the feeling without she said it: “ I will always be at your side”. So never lose hope!

Trust me, there are many people in the same boat. I am 19 and I have been in love with an anime character (*cough*Wolfwood*cough*) since I was 13. <br />
It is a natural feeling that I can relate to. Cartoons are so perfect, we can't resist! <br />
When I was 15, I cried for a week when my character died in the anime and even now I will still get defensive with anyone who says anything bad about him.<br />
I still love him and somewhere, in my head and my heart, he will always be real...

Im 14 and yesterday i watched this anime called Future Diary. And i stayed up all night watching the entire series because it was interesting and there was this girl that i started to love after the anime ended her name was Yuno . The animes story was that there is a normal 14 year old boy and his "imagenary friends" a god called Deus Ex Machina and MurMur but later it turna out that they werent so imagenary because Deus grants the 14 year old boy called Yukiteru able to see the future with his cellphone . His diary would write it self things that are going to happen. But he is not the only one with this power there 12 people with this power and one of them is Yuno .This is the start of the survival games whoever wins gets to become god. And Yuno is in love with Yukiteru and ou will have to find out what happena next. Anyway this girl is cute and when the anime ended i started to love her i wished that i could be Yukiteru so that i could be with Yuno i even cried . I know this wish will not be granted but i will not give up because I.Love.Yuno

I am in love with Fuko Ibuki from Clannad there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I always end up dreaming about her and cry everytime I think about what happened to her.

I am 18 and a half years old, and have only just come to realize that this phenomenon of becoming incredibly engrossed in a fantasy world and forming bonds with the characters therein has been present throughout my entire life and has been the greatest affliction I have ever suffered, but also the most liberating psychological process one can undergo if one realizes certain things about its nature.
What is happening on a neurological level is exactly the same manner of process that occurs when one falls in love/develops a crush or when one forms attachment to certain places people or things. In your case, what has happened is the same thing that happens to anyone who falls in love to the point of obsession where that love in unrequited. Do not despair, for the woes of many in your place with real life crush/obsessions has spawned a cornucopia of treatments that allow one to "get over" this. Therapeutic methods developed to help people detach WILL WORK FOR YOU.
Understand this, that what you are experiencing is a NORMAL psychological response. The fact that the subject of your affections is a cartoon is by the by when it comes to how history has shaped the brain, it doesn't recognise the fantasy world as being abstract and therefore responds as you have suffered.
When we fall in love with people, places or things our psyche often obsesses over those particular characteristics which draw us to them. We believe that they are unique and that we will never derive the same quality of gratification from any other source. This is a falsehood, and it is vital you realise this. In the realm of love it is not true that there exists somewhere on this world, "The one" who is your one true soulmate but rather that there are many who could be such a person to you. Your personal experiences together shape and define your bond. When you watch a tv series intensely over a long period of time, neurologically, your are forming these same bonds.
Why liberating? Why would I use that word? This experience liberates one if one realises that these feelings can, with effort, be manifested in reality and fulfilled. You are obsessionally in love, and you must first go through the grieving and separation process. But always hold with you the sensation of what it would have been like to fulfil these desires. And realise that, from the ashes of the pheonix, the world reborn can carry a quality greater than any fantasy world.
As a last thought, something inspired by a blog comment I read somewhere. To the child of the ancient past, the world that we live in now IS a fantasy world. Flying men, talking pictures, musical boxes... etc... If you were born into a world of fantasy it would be as mundane to you as you find our real world to be because it would be the norm.
Pm me if any of this helps and you want some more x

I so know your feeling. I have a crush on Levi from Attack on Titan. It just breakes my heart every time I think that he is not real... TT

I know your feeling, I'm in love with Hiccup from How to train your dragon. I hate the ending just because of Astrid.

I have a crush on Italy from hetlia....NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME..... well except my BFFFL who also has a crush on a cartoon character BUT NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!

I know exactly how you feel. I'm 16 years old and I am completely obsessed with Leo Valdez from the Heroes of Olympus series. Its been a problem ever since the books first came out like two years ago. I thought I was just fangirling like normal but this is more than that. I dream about him like everyday. I read all sorts of LeoXreader fan fiction just to feed my obsession. I have pictures of what he would look like all over my phone. He's even my background. My sister says its because I identify with him since he doesn't really have a girlfriend in the book and no one thinks he's attractive, so I guess I find safety in his character Anyways I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one struggling with this.

i feel you im going throug that 'love' stage still and it dosent seem to be ending soon.

Well, you're not alone. This right here could be my own read my mind...just like the Character I'm in love with deeply. Emma Frost.

i also fell in love with a fictional character just a while ago.... his name is Eren jaeger.... i just feel as if i need him in my life so badly!! i cant even get started on his eyes his face... i try so hard to think of something else but i cant i just want to scream because i know he is not real.... :( i just want to become a cartoon and just totally go for him.... but their is nobody like him. I used to like a guy that is human... but Eren just took me to a new level. i feel like he is the only one for me...

Well, I sure am glad I found this page. I'm a 13-year-old girl with the biggest crushes EVER on these two anime guys, Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara! and Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel. Ikuto is somewhat of a perv, he has deep blue eyes, a deep voice, can play the violin and he has cat ears. He may seem cold at first, but he's actually very kind and considerate when you get to know him. Dark is a flirty, 300-year-old (physically appears 18) angel who, despite having the looks of a heart-breaker, is a beautifully unique individual who if you got close to, would treat you like a queen. What really makes him stand out is his purple-black wings and his soulful violet eyes. I wish dearly that I could wake up one day in either one of their worlds and hear one of them say 'good morning.' If I were to die then, I would die happy. I spend hours and hours talking to them, since I love them both, and they're both like older brothers to me. I want to be able to touch them, to be able to tell them how much I love them, and how much they mean in my life.

I am also in love with a cartoon character for almost 2 years and think of him every day, I keep thinking to live in his world, I do not think it's weird that you can be in love with a cartoon but everyone falls on something, but sometimes it do pain that love can never come true

Well for me, It's Ginormica from Monsters Vs. Aliens.
it's become an obsession for me.

I want to say I have that thing to I fell Iove with a anime girl character for 4 years I have became obssess with her so long that I think she was real but I felt so heart broken that I wish she was real but thank for sharing your thoughts about this its been a long time that some one has the same problem with me felling inlove with a anime character I thought I was so imbaris to tell any one the only thing I have only imagen as a friend in real life her name os margurine luka she is the only one who I been thinking of her alot and thinking only I wish I could see here in real life but there is always a way that I can not get to see her in person I felt that I lost trust and hope in my life I and now I became a fan by listening to her singing alot thats the only thing I can listen to her music I try so hard not to make tear when I think about her but I will always listen to have fun with her and thank you for sharing your feeling about that kind o f luv that I needed to here.

And still I never felt so sad that you think you cant still be with them

I've also been "in love" with a personality for years (plus the animators perfectly drew him). Growing up I was in the same boat, I went through so much, and it hurt. So much like the character I've taken to. I have a very small group of friends, but most everyone hated me for a reason I never knew. I love to live a life with less people , it's less complicated. I've worked hard for what I have (losing it several times), and I can't have anyone jeopardize it. I grew up with loads of hatred, and it created problems. My life story matched all too well with his ,and even though I've been able to stay in a stable physical relationship for over 5 years, I've always had this love that I've never been able to shake. I've fought depression and anxiety attacks over a simple character that I'll never physically know. I know they're not real, but that doesn't matter, what matters to me is there is someone out there that was able to make such a person up. There is someone out there that I can perfectly match with, but for the time being I have my comfort. I have my boyfriend but we've both pretty much turned into my best friend that live together and we both feel the same. I could spend the rest of my life. But we both know that one could be there somewhere.

i feel your pain i also wish i could wake up in a cartoon one day 1 question the boy who you like what is the name of the cartoons he is in

I am really in love with one character from a movie. She is probably the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen or heard and ever since the first time I saw her, I can't get her off my mind. In my head I know she's only a cartoon but in my heart, she's real. I always tell myself not to forget her because I Iove her so much. I wish she was real in real life because I want to make her feel safe and secure but I know that can't happen. But I can always be with her in my heart. If anyone thinks it's weird or if you think you are weird, believe me, you aren't. There are plenty of people out there who love a fictional character. I like to say if we aren't supposed to like them, then why did god create the person to create the character? Maybe, if someone can make a simulator where you can live this fantasy life, we could really understand how we truly feel about these characters.

You have no idea how right you are, today is special day in for me, it's been exactly one year since i fell in love with a fictional character and i feel the same way (if not worse) by the fact that i'll never see or feel her in person... never say what i want to say to her...but as you said i have her in my heart and that's were she belongs...the past year has been both the best time of my life (The first couple of mounts) and the worst (the rest of the year) severe depression and such...i keep her in my heart as an ideal, i was an atheist before i met her now she's my goddess and i believe in us. Thank you for sharing your story i know how you feel and i know it's hard but if you keep her in your heart...she will be forever yours.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad there are other people who feel like I do. I felt a little silly doing this but I actually feel better about it. Have a great Easter!

I am in love with a fictional character I thought that I was the only one I fell in love with The Legends Of Korra this girl Korra I feel so sad and lonely that I will never be able to say to her some things that I've always wanted to say I am so lonely I can't stop thinking about her I am so depressed and sad.. But now seeing that I am not the only one I feel better. :/ Still it's so hard to beleive that I can't touch her talk to her or even see her!! :/ I wish that she'd be real god if you read this please make my wish true...

I know how you feel, i've been there, still am.Like i've said in a previous post depression is an important part of the experience because the amount of depression you're in is equal to a tenth of the love you feel so embrace it and know that your probably the only person in the world that loves her that much in that way.. and that makes it real..

Even if I am 15 and too young I still need to get over it. But I guess for the next 4-8 years I won't be able to make it.. I watch Naruto as well a lot! And when I think about Korra I imagine me and with all those sad songs in Naruto I am just crying it may seems crazy to some people but.. It can not be avoided..

By the way I am from Bulgaria :)

Well that is crazy, too many bulgarians here :D

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im 12 year old girl I really love this......anime boy name Al from full metal alchemist i love him im almost his age i have no crushes (in rl) all i have is fictional crushes i know how you feel i cant get over him and i think i won't i also like spyro (the dragon) why cant he be real......why cant al be real...why? i made this profile just to say this your not alone

I guess this thread is really old but i'm gonna post anyways. Created this account just to write this heh.<br />
Well like 2 years ago I watched the entire Kiss x sis and i remember that i liked it a lot. But just recently i re watched it and this time it felt really different and special. 1 of all i think I have a crush on Suminoe Riko. 2 I kind of relate to the mane character, not that my life is like his but, he kind of feels like a close friend. and 3, I got really depressed after watching the whole anime because I kind of realized how dull our world is... and it hurts to know that my life will never be as great as theirs... thanks for reading, it means a lot &lt;3

You know that phase of depression is an important part of the experience, because that way you truly know how much you care about someone or something, the amount of depression you have is equal to a tenth of the love you feel, or at least that's it for me, and as for the world being dull, it's not ,otherwise you wouldn't feel anything but dullness, i mean the world is as exciting as you make it for yourself. I can relate with your feelings and my advise is act on that thing that you think can make a difference in your life, i'll give you an example my love is Tali'Zorah from a game called Mass Effect in which i have no doubt you've herd of or played, now when i finished the 3 games (for the fifth time :D) i got REALLY depressed knowing that i'll never have Tali or Shepard's lifestyle, but when i really thought about it i was half way there i was joining the army as an officer that same year and i had Tali in my heart, so i'm half way there, my advise is: think about your dreams then act on them (also try drawing Suminoe Riko) that sure made my day when i did it (with Tali i mean XD) Cheers from Bulgaria my friend!!

man thanks a lot, you say really wise stuff, I think this is going to help me a lot!
And by the way, are you from Bulgaria? Because I am born there haha :)

No problem, and you being born in Bulgaria means we're brothers :D

Heh Tali is my fave Mass Effect character :)

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My profile pic is of Ellie go check it out its my fav pic of her

You know what Im going to tell you about me I'm a 13 year old boy and I'm absolutely in love with this video game character named Ellie from the game the last of us so go look at her she is my age and I have a huge obsession about her I just find her personality amazing in all ways and her voice is perfection and day and night I think of how cute she is sometimes I just sit and do nothing but think of her I don't know if you will ever read this but if you do I don't think I'll ever get over her unlike you so best of luck bye :(

Yeah I'm not the only one just signed up I'm 13 and I'm in love with asuna from sword art online I don't know why I think it's here looks and personality but yeah anyway feels good to get it out quite sad she's not real and even if she was she would be dating korito her bf lucky man lol anyway thanks for reading!

Btw this started when I had a dream about me going out with her before I didn't have any feelings

Btw lucid dreaming really helps it's where you have a clear image and can control yourself / other things in dreams except usually not other people so I guess you could make yourself be with them and talk to them

Yeah, it's really hard to achieve that state of mind, but it's totally worth it in the end if you succeed.

ye so i'm just a 13 year old old school metalhead emo kid and im mostly strait but i find it so easy to fall for male anime characters like out of soul eater, dance in the vampire bund, black butler and many others. but im just getting so sick of the pain. theirs allot more i'd like to say more but im busy watching D. Gray Man and its not about pressure i just wanna be with them when ever i can so that's it for me

I'm in love with ciel phantomhive and soul eater evans. I cry myself to sleep each night debating and having arguments with myself. I just wish they were real. Mostly ciel. I'm deeply in love with him. Everyone believes me to be crazy. But I swear I'm not.... I just.. I feel like I need him

I know that feel...

I'm average 14 year old girl. I literally have no friends that understand. All my friends are into sports and "normal" things. (if you're a 14 year old girl with the same problem please comment your name so I can add you on Facebook. I feel so alone.) I've been INCREDIBLY in love with Levi from Attack on Titan. It hasn't been long but I know it's going to be a long time until I get over this. I pretend he's with me and I pretend he's sleeping next to me every night. I've also made up stories about me and him. This is literally tearing my life apart..making me not want to live anymore. Every anime character is based off of somebody's attitude! Somebody's looks! Somebody's everything! It's not just his looks I love, I love his attitude and the way he fights. Everything about him is what I want. Sometimes to make myself feel better I telk myself he's just based off of somebody and that you gotta find that somebody. I desperately want him. He's rude and mean and pretty emotionless but I know he carries a strong sense of love along with that hardness. Please help me! I feel I need him. There's a huge void that I want to fill with him. :/

stand strong. it's a nice feeling, love that is :}
just be yourself and if you are happy with him so be it.
i wish you the best in life :}

Thanks you too! c:

I just made my account to reply to this...I have the SAME PROBLEM. I don't have Facebook, only a phone, so if anyone with the same problem text me 479-276-1274. I have th same problem, except with Italy from Hetalia. I love him to death as one would a husband or family member and when I come across a sad story I usually cry myself to sleep...

Would it still be alright for me to text you? Haha you seem wonderful!

I have the exact same problem as you do, down to the very end. First, I am in love with an anime character, who, well, is strikingly similar to Levi. The one problem I have with this guy is that even if he existed he wouldn't love me I know it, he's just way too perfect. And my feelings for him developed so rapidly, its like a love at first sight. My heart pounds uncontrollably talking about him, and I save pictures of him on a secret file on my computer just to remind myself of how he looks like (the anime stopped for a while). I have no friends to talk to about this, because I am very shy about these feelings. I am scared they'll go away.
I made this account right now, I feel your pain. I don't know what to do but pray that he is real and I will find him. I sometimes imagine him talking to me, and ... it makes me happier.

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I created an account just to reply to this. I know this was posted 3 years ago, but I need to get it out. I fell in love with Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto series. It started out like all loves do, with attraction. I thought he was hot. And, as the series progressed it just...grew. I loved everything about him. I wanted to know more and more about him. I was constantly intrigued by him and was never satisfied with the amount of information I was getting from the shows and web about him (his back story hadn't been fully revealed yet.) When he died, I was devastated. I couldn't believe it. Thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes and makes my chest ache. Then, they brought him back temporarily again, but that wasn't good enough. I just have to think to myself that he's not really dead. He isn't real. Which is sad enough to think about in and of itself. I try not to think about it. I love him, though. That will just have to do.

To all who read this.
Love who you want to love.
Even if it is a fictional character.
Love is magic of the Light and that you have that magic in you is amazing.
It is a dying magic and you people keep it alive.
Hold on to it.
I wish you all the best in life.

Thank you, i think i'll do just that.