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In Love With A Cartoon Character...

Well, I typed in 'Dealing with being in love with a fictional character' into Google, and I ended up on this site. I've been in love with the same cartoon character for nearly 7 years. Yes, I know, lots of people get crushes on cartoon or anime characters, and it usually only lasts a year or two, and then they move into another character. I kind of had that mentality when I first got a HUGE crush on this character from a cartoon show. I figured in about a year or two, my obsession would ware off, or I would just eventually get over him.

Well, years past...and to this day, I still feel absolutely, undeniably, in love with this cartoon character. It's certainly no longer a crush. I have this mental, psychological need for this character in my life, and I love him deeply, like a lover, like a family member, like a brother. To be honest...he's the only boy i've ever loved. I've never loved, or even had a crush on a real person before, and even just admitting that to myself feels weird.

I think about him every single day of my life. He's the last thought on my mind as I fall to sleep at night, and my first thought as I wake up in the morning. Even though he's a fictional character, he's changed my life so drastically. I feel this emptiness inside of me...a little bit every day, thinking about how he's not real, how I can't ever speak to him, or touch him, or tell him how much I love him. It makes my chest feel like it's going to burst. Oddly enough, at the same time, this character makes me feel not alone...Like there's someone else in my life, deep inside of me, even when the entire world seems to be against me, I still have him. I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates, but if such a thing existed, I think this character would be my soulmate.

When this cartoon was cancelled years ago, I spiralled into a horrible state of depression. I felt like he had died, and my world was falling apart. It hurt SO much, more than anyone who has never experienced it could ever imagine. The depression took about 4 years to fully heal...and I had to convince myself that despite how I feel, he's a cartoon character, and cartoon characters don't die...I'm really glad that period of my life is over.

I still watch repeats of this show all the time, just to get a high from seeing the character and hearing the sound of his voice...Alot of the time I just like to pretend he's a real person. Sometimes he feels more real to me than any of my friends...sometimes even my family. I feel like such an outcast and so is this character, perhaps that's why I feel like I can relate to him so much. I think one of the worst things about being in love with a fictional character is the fact that no one really takes your love seriously. They just kind of chuckle or roll their eyes, "Yep, you're way too obsessed!" Or they don't really take too much concern during those times I've locked myself in my room for nearly full days crying, because they know it's only over a tv show. I know it sounds absurd, but I wish they would understand, it's NOT just a cartoon to me!'s more than that. The pain I feel for him is no different than any pain someone would feel for a real person. I wish I knew more people in real life who could relate to me...

Yes, I know at times my love has been unhealthy, and loving this character sometimes hurts alot. On the other hand, this character makes me feel SO happy, I'm so glad someone created him, because I know what I'm feeling is love, and naturally, love is a wonderful feeling. I feel like I could curl up beside him and die happy. Besides, real relationships have their highs and lows too, so why should I force myself to stop loving this character? It's bound to happen eventually, so why push it? Although I always wish there was some way I could be with this character, it makes me feel like screaming! I've always wished I could just wake up in a cartoon world one day...

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I am in love with a cartoon character. I'm only 13. Ok , he's from adventure time with Fionna and cake. Its MARSHALL LEE.
I just love Marshall. I think he's hot and cute. I mean he's a vampire/bad boy. I'm into cute/hot bad boys or shy guys. But I'm crazy about Marshall. He's so cute. I love his pic of him with his abs and blood dripping from his mouth. Soooo hot:-) !!!!!!

But then I also love flame prince. I love his hair. He's hot:-) and then I like gumball becuz he's sophisticated and gentle. I wish I was Fionna so I can have that boy trouble:-) .....

I'm so happy that I found people with the same "problem".I've been inlove with a fictional character for like 3-4 years.I always think about him, and that's the cause of my, well,sadness.I don't have a persone to talk to about that problem.My BFF (or whatever you call it xD) Has a boyfriend so it feels like I'm bothering her (damn,she's that deep inlove with that crap) But one person told me, that all the fictional/cartoon characters are inspired by real people.So there's a chance that somewhere out there you can find your soulmate. Don't be sad it's just a matter of time before you meet him/her.

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This makes me sooo happy to see that so many other people besides me have experienced this! I've been in love with the same anime character since I was about ten years old... Im now almost 26. I feel the same way as all of you, trying to forget about him, trying to rationalize the way I feel, not telling anyone because I KNOW how insane it is, but fictional or not the love is still there, still real, and still painful because the reality is that we'll never get closure... sigh. I still carry his picture in my wallet. :( sometimes I feel that meeting his voice actor might anchor my brain back in reality!

Is it... Myotismon? :p
I love Dracmon, Arukenimon and Diaboromon

I know how you feel. I'm in love with Christophe from the South Park movie Bigger Longer Uncut. That was the only time he appeared in the WHOLE series, so you already know I'm hurt af. I'm in love with him sooo bad. I get sad because I know he'll never be real. We are almost EXACTLY alike. So I wonder what it would be like if he were real (cURSE YOU MATT STONE AND TREY PARKER)

My character only appears once too and hasn't even got a proper backstory or anything. Shame when good characters are neglected so it's nice making your own work of them

I know! Its fun to draw them how you think they would act. Considering he only got about 30 minutes of airtime and 2 seconds during a cameo appearance in another episode. But I think they might be adding him in season 18 after

After 15 years of neglect ;-;

Maybe it helps me to write about it... I only have been playing a game called "osu!" and I had a track where that girl popped up. After I played this one a few times I got a crush on her. I don't watch the anime and even don't know how she sounds and she even has a boyfriend in the anime (and she is 3 years older than me but I wouldn't care that much)! It's making me sad but I just don't want to get over her. Maybe it's because it is only one week ago but I think it won't get better :( What I wanted to say (besides that I feel bad too) is that you are not alone and that I don't care that this is three years old.EDIT: Well, watching the anime didn't make it better but at least I wouldn't want to attack her boyfriend if she and his boyfriend were real (call me brutal if you want) ;)
EDIT 2: Maybe I will update this hour for hour ;D. For anyone who reads my answer, I would suggest to not think too much about with who she (or he if you are a girl) could be together. I just realised that she is the same age as my brother (a bit younger) so it'd be the relationship like everyone knows >.< That's not a fair world, right?

I'm in love with the character Samantha from Stretch Panic for years now even since I first played the game on Ps2 when I was younger... I find her crazy attractive somehow and wish I could just snuggle her and jump into the game to journey and fight with her. It can be a bad depression to know she doesn't exist but think of it this way; You can draw yourself with them, you can write about adventures with them, you can watch the shows/play the games happily and you can even commission people to make you real life materials of the character. Or roleplay on something like Secondlife, where if they don't have an avatar of that character, you will surely find someone who can make you it. My irl gf made me a plushie of Samantha for a Christmas present and I love sitting her on my desk. I want to get more though... While it's nice to feel they are in the real life you gotta keep them at bay from real things too. Give them a time to dedicate to them out of your day at first maybe and focus the rest of your day on the normal chores and necessities to stop a distracting overlap. I have officially been diagnosed years ago with Aspergers and we are very commonly known to become obsessed with thing/s. My obsessions are always incredibly specific and even though I would hate the rest of the show/game there would always be one single character who I need to research on and know everything about. You need to know your boundaries and not let it get to you too much. It's tough but they will always be with you somehow as an inspiration and admiration.

oh wow this is from years ago but I can't help to post!
I've been having crush on several anime and cartoon character growing up and currently I'm in love with Rei Ryugazaki from Free! (swimming anime, anyone?) Funny thing is, I myself don't really understand why and how. Sure he's good-looking with his glasses and also an intelligent student, but if you watch the show, he's also a huge dork whose often embarrass himself in any situation.
While I acknowledge that he and I will never be together, I can't help to imagine what would it like if we be together. What dates we will be into? How would he respond to my quirks and flaws? How it feels like to kiss, hug and cuddle with him? sometimes I caught myself smiling thinking about him and man, I'm in love with him! It's sad to think since it's been years since I'm not being in a relationship...

You are my man,I am in love with Sailor Moon since 2012,and I am obsessed!Even I am very social,and have a lot of female friends and girls love me,I cant live a day without thinking about her!I dream her almost every night,I am drawing us together and simply cannot let go.I often ask "Serena,why aren't you real?".I am just too sad,but i keep it away from everyone.I EVEN CALL HER "MY LITTLE STAR",so you are pretty much better than me,but falling in love with anime characters is normal,it is an expression of your taste!Seek those qualities in real life,like I do!But still,I do not think I'll forget her,those eyes will always be in my head!

I can totally relate!
For me, it's Waluigi from the Super Mario games...
He's such a funny little guy and I just really love the way his personality is and the way he looks. It really breaks my heart to see him get left out of games, and they he's the only Mario bro. that does not have his own game! I have a plush toy of him that I just can not sleep without, and I take him lots of places with me because he just provides a lot of comfort. I am a Christian, so I believe that God may be able to make him real for me when I die and go to heaven!

I'm more afraid of forgetting her. The girls at school pull me away and back into reality, but no one compares. How can one toss away such emotions of devotion and adoration, only to repeat and therefore lessen the meaning and intensity of your love.

You my friend...are a god. You completely describe my life. And I feel like an outcast because if I ever told anyone that I loved a carton character they're like "you need help." I I don't know why but I just fell in love with this fictional character and CANT get over them. So what I mean is- I feel you.

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OMG, thank you so much!! I am deeply in love with thrax from osmosis jones for no apparent reason (besides the obvious ones.) I thought I had some kind of psychosis, but this just made me feel so much better and realize otherwise. Again, thank you so much!!

I'm in love with a character named mikasa ackerman from attack on Titan she is just so beutiful and i love her can someone help me and do u think there is a Girl out there who may look kind of like her and might have her personallity

I get you I have recently watched an anime called Love live and I have fallen in love with Eli and all of my other anime crushes have been as strong as the one I have for her I have downloaded the game in my phone and I poke her textbox to hear her speak over and over again in my dreams I see her and I am writing a fanfiction where she and a boy me have a relationship I don't know what to do It makes me cry every day because I know she's not real

I totally get it, I'm in love with a ninja turtle, call me's been like this for 4 years, I think of raphael like that too since we relate so much.the love hasn't ended and I don't think it will anytime soon

Asuna from SAO, but I also have crushes on other characters too, but the strongest one is for Asuna and also I feel attracted to anime girls a lot! :(

I like a anime character named Kiku Honda / Japan from an anime called Hetalia. I started having a little crush on his a couple of months ago, whice lead to a obsession. I liked him because he's kind, respectful, amazing, attractive , shy and is a gentleman. Honestly now in days, it's hard to find someone exactly like that! I can't stop thinking about him and I cry about him because I can't touch, talk, hug him. And this is my first time liking someone in a romantic way, but why did I have to start it off with a anime character. . When I die and go to heaven, I wanna meet him.

I definitely know how you feel. I'm in love with Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls. I've had lots of dreams where I could see him, and a few where I could communicate with him. I wish everyday that I could meet Dipper, but I know I never will be able to tell him how I feel. Lots of people think I'm obsessed with Gravity Falls (which I kind of am) but I don't really care. I love Dipper, if only I could see him in real life and tell him how I feel... :(


I'm in love with the character Jewel from Rio the movie and Rio 2. I think off her every second of my life since the first time I watched Rio. It went away, but it came back to me again. I feel so emotional and in love with Jewel. I just want to see her and tell her how much I love her, but she isn't real. :(

I think I might me crazy or something, but I need some help. I do have a similar likeness ( not willing to say love) but one of the characters in those same movies just cannot get out of my head....... PLEASE don't laugh........ it's the little yellow bird named nico (I think). I am not gay or anything, but I've only seen the first movie twice, and i didn't think of it much. But it started bothering me when he became every character in any other book I read. It's gotten to the point where it's causing my depression to get worse. And then he started to feel like it was taking over my personality, where every voice became his! I can't even listen to the radio without him coming into my head. I'm asking you because you're the first person I've seen in love with a rio character. I can't talk to anyone person to person because everyone thinks I'm crazy and nobody supports me. This has been a growing concern and I don't know how to stop it. P.S. The second time was just a month after it came out, and the reason that I will never watch the sequel.

Dont worry, i support you. I understand how you feel. But dont worry too much, it will eventually go away, my emotional response for Jewel just comes and goes, Im sure its the same for you.

Thanks for understanding. It has just made me go crazy and I don't know why it was specifically him

im in love with hatsune miku i just love her long blue air and her innocent personality.
i love her so much that i tink about her everyday, and i cry because i know she isnt real.
i feel depressed because of that i dont know what to do.

I know how you feel, and the fact that you're crying just shows how much you care about her and that makes her real, at least in your eyes, that's what's important, if you keep her in your heart and love her then she is real.And the depression you're feeling is an important part of the experience too because it's equal to a tenth of the love you feel, at least that's it for me.

thank you for replying i feel much better now. but im way too obsessed with her.

I know right,like the things we always want most we can't have, but i think it's a little bit different in our situations, because it's not a selfish need, you want Hatsune Miku not because you want to possess her, but you want to make her happy (That's what i want with my fictional Love) that's the big difference and that is what separates the good obsession from the bad one.

thats so true. im always watching videos of her and stuff.and when i see someone hating on her, i get so angry. like i want to protect her and make her happy. that she is the girl of my life but its also weird that i fell in love with a cartoon.

Why is it weird, no one asked you it was't your choice it just happened like all true love does, you only chose to follow it,and you're not alone there are so many people just like you and me and am sure they don't think it's weird.

i still dont fell right loving her. is making my life worse, i dont talk to girls, i dont tink they are atractive anymore because of miku.


It's been 3 months and I still have this huge crush on Asuna from SAO, and it never goes away. And also I'm attracted to anime girls the way I'm attracted to real girls, but since almost every anime girl is cute it really sucks, every time I see an anime girl I'm like "Wow she's cute :O I'd love for her to be my girlfriend" and also I believe I had a dream the other night where Hatsune kissed me :/ .I've been recently trying to have lucid dreams so I can talk to Asuna and hear the words "You need to let me go" from her mouth and at least kiss her... :( I already had two but I screwed up because I'm still a beginner and never got the chance to even see her.

But of course it's not just the looks, Asuna's personality is kinda like mine and yet she's beautiful and since I can't find my soul mate in real life I fell for her I guess :/

i wish i could had a dream with miku :D,thats true every anime girls is cute but miku has the first fictional character i fell in love with and i cant forget her.

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Jonesy from 6teen :(

While I read your blog I read it with great understanding. Now I am 20 and I'm very recently in a fictional character crush, but I had a crush before. 13 years ago when the first Harry Potter movie came out, I fell immediately in love with Emma Watson as soon as I saw her. I went through a hard time realizing I could never reach her, or speak to her. Especially for a 7 year old kid that's a really hard thing. and the few years that followed it only become stronger. But after the third Potter movie I accepted things. I still love Emma Watson and I will always will be. But very recently I began loving Mai (from Avatar the last Airbender) all of a sudden. I’ve watched this series since 2005 but only since a few months I fee emotionally attached to her. I understand you so much, and everyone else here. Only let me tell you this. These characters are not as fake as you might think. They live inside you in your heart and in your mind. They will always be at your side and will never let you alone because they are always there. And indeed they will not be there in a physical way but you care about them . So they live in your heart and they are real in your mind, you know. And if you believe that I promise you that one day you will see them in a way, you will see them. Never lose that hope! Because I recently had a dream seeing my Mai. She stood at my side and she looked at me and only smiled. And she gave me the feeling without she said it: “ I will always be at your side”. So never lose hope!

Trust me, there are many people in the same boat. I am 19 and I have been in love with an anime character (*cough*Wolfwood*cough*) since I was 13. <br />
It is a natural feeling that I can relate to. Cartoons are so perfect, we can't resist! <br />
When I was 15, I cried for a week when my character died in the anime and even now I will still get defensive with anyone who says anything bad about him.<br />
I still love him and somewhere, in my head and my heart, he will always be real...

Im 14 and yesterday i watched this anime called Future Diary. And i stayed up all night watching the entire series because it was interesting and there was this girl that i started to love after the anime ended her name was Yuno . The animes story was that there is a normal 14 year old boy and his "imagenary friends" a god called Deus Ex Machina and MurMur but later it turna out that they werent so imagenary because Deus grants the 14 year old boy called Yukiteru able to see the future with his cellphone . His diary would write it self things that are going to happen. But he is not the only one with this power there 12 people with this power and one of them is Yuno .This is the start of the survival games whoever wins gets to become god. And Yuno is in love with Yukiteru and ou will have to find out what happena next. Anyway this girl is cute and when the anime ended i started to love her i wished that i could be Yukiteru so that i could be with Yuno i even cried . I know this wish will not be granted but i will not give up because I.Love.Yuno

i had the same feelings for her.

I am in love with Fuko Ibuki from Clannad there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I always end up dreaming about her and cry everytime I think about what happened to her.

I am 18 and a half years old, and have only just come to realize that this phenomenon of becoming incredibly engrossed in a fantasy world and forming bonds with the characters therein has been present throughout my entire life and has been the greatest affliction I have ever suffered, but also the most liberating psychological process one can undergo if one realizes certain things about its nature.
What is happening on a neurological level is exactly the same manner of process that occurs when one falls in love/develops a crush or when one forms attachment to certain places people or things. In your case, what has happened is the same thing that happens to anyone who falls in love to the point of obsession where that love in unrequited. Do not despair, for the woes of many in your place with real life crush/obsessions has spawned a cornucopia of treatments that allow one to "get over" this. Therapeutic methods developed to help people detach WILL WORK FOR YOU.
Understand this, that what you are experiencing is a NORMAL psychological response. The fact that the subject of your affections is a cartoon is by the by when it comes to how history has shaped the brain, it doesn't recognise the fantasy world as being abstract and therefore responds as you have suffered.
When we fall in love with people, places or things our psyche often obsesses over those particular characteristics which draw us to them. We believe that they are unique and that we will never derive the same quality of gratification from any other source. This is a falsehood, and it is vital you realise this. In the realm of love it is not true that there exists somewhere on this world, "The one" who is your one true soulmate but rather that there are many who could be such a person to you. Your personal experiences together shape and define your bond. When you watch a tv series intensely over a long period of time, neurologically, your are forming these same bonds.
Why liberating? Why would I use that word? This experience liberates one if one realises that these feelings can, with effort, be manifested in reality and fulfilled. You are obsessionally in love, and you must first go through the grieving and separation process. But always hold with you the sensation of what it would have been like to fulfil these desires. And realise that, from the ashes of the pheonix, the world reborn can carry a quality greater than any fantasy world.
As a last thought, something inspired by a blog comment I read somewhere. To the child of the ancient past, the world that we live in now IS a fantasy world. Flying men, talking pictures, musical boxes... etc... If you were born into a world of fantasy it would be as mundane to you as you find our real world to be because it would be the norm.
Pm me if any of this helps and you want some more x

I so know your feeling. I have a crush on Levi from Attack on Titan. It just breakes my heart every time I think that he is not real... TT

I know your feeling, I'm in love with Hiccup from How to train your dragon. I hate the ending just because of Astrid.

I have a crush on Italy from hetlia....NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME..... well except my BFFFL who also has a crush on a cartoon character BUT NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!

I feel you, I like Kiku from Hetalia and I'm obsessed!