I started this group for girls who only like fictional men or women.  I am one of these unfortunate people who will never be able to be with the ones they love.  I truly hope to find solace in this group, and I hope you will too.
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V from V for Vendetta.

I'm in love with Maurice Hall and Clive Durham from EM Forester's wonderful novel from 1913, Maurice. It's about a gay Edwardian Englishman who comes to terms with his homosexuality in a repressive society.

you're not the only one Sonic1992

yeah, it makes sense to me

Thank goodness for this group! I've joined this one and the "I Have Crushes On Fictional Characters" group too.<br />
<br />
My first one was Louis from Interview With A Vampire but I have a few more as well!

so now there's an "i love" and an "I have crushes on" fictional characters group. I'm not alone!

thankyou for setting this up! before i thought i was the only one but it gives me comfort simply just to know there are some people that feel the same as me once again thanks!

Scooby doo....

Yea, I've sorta got a thing for "Vampire Hunter D"...