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Hydrolic horseback, cloud-studios?

Yes, there is a troop of them in me. In my palaces and graves there is a night watch, an empty spool crew that guides the camera...threadless masses of emotions deep in my mind's pocket with human faces but angelic experience.

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How many people do u have in your system?

Yes...Eve was pretty passive aggressive though...and I thought Lillith killed her children...I don't know...but I like a woman to be on do anything she wants...I am easy going.<br /> was just a bunch of jumbled thoughts about a queen.

Lillith...the child assasin or loving wife?

and the there is Lillith

The most evil character I ever created was an assassin named Donna DiVincenzo. Tall, beautiful, jet black hair. I wrote a scene where she produced a straight razor rather surprisingly and slit a man's throat ear to ear. Not a nice girl, not the kind you bring home to mother. And yet, were it possible, I'd take her to the prom in an instant. I love all my characters - if you don't care about them, how could you write them?

it sounds interesting...I think you are right, but flesh and warm contact do tend to altar (alter) reality...computers can only give me so much joy. But like I said, the novel sounds visionary.

Yes and no, I am talking about the simulated universe my novel is set in... ...the important thing is that there is no perceivable difference between what we see and what the billions of my simulated people on their thousands of simulated worlds see as reality...So the fact that my character's aren’t 'real' in our sense of the word is irrelevant to their valid experience of life. That’s more then I tell most people about my book which is almost finished after 9 months and over 200,000 words. The simulation aspect of it is only a mechanism to allow me infinite possibilities for worlds, people, sentient creatures, societies…everything is flexible when you run the universe on your computer.<br />
Funny you should mention Sims 2, my main character is influenced from a character I had within the game (About 5 months ago my laptop was assaulted with coffee and I haven’t yet had it fixed) who was an eight generation (in my great family) twin … And Sims 2 is a game that precedes the real simulation games we’ll be seeing in ten years or so.<br />
Sci-fi fantasy adventure thriller… hopefully thought provoking, that’s my novel that no-one has seen.<br />
(P.S. I'm not a big gamer anyway, I like chaotic simulation games)

Farrow, as in a field? And yes, you are right. I love them all; they are the people I really live with; the ones who know me the best. I like having a place no one else can understand as well as me, if ever. I am not a gamer, but I think you are talking about the Sims...?

How can a creator not love the creations? Even the evil ones have redeeming qualities, like my Female villain Sarina Farrow...she's wicked, but I dream that one day she'll settle in the suburbs and raise some kiddies...even though she's shaken the whole simulated universe.

Good! Let's take the Pegasus and leave the chariots at home. I know a great spot somewhere in your mind we could go to.

Echoes through my hallways of my mind! I'd ride with ya at least once.Lol<br />

It is about having dreams that don't come was more an excercise in image building. I think it sucks, I should erase it. I do like the title, though. Thanks, Laby!!!!

this is very interesting. i don't understand it but it's interesting