I've Fallen For A Fictional Character: And Hard.

Yes, I've fallen for a boy that doesn't exist. A boy with emerald-green eyes and a smile that causes me to giggle. There's not one thing about this boy I dislike, and I can't get him off of my mind. Of course, I don't tell people this. Some know I like a fictional character, but I've never delved into detail about it.

I'm content with loving him. I have my writing and drawing, which gives me the chance to live out my suppressed feelings for the boy. It may seem like enough, but it's not. When you know they don't exist, it hurts. You'll never hold them in your arms, never be in their arms. Never feel the warmth of their skin, or witness the shine of their smile. No, it's impossible. Because they're fictional. Non-existent. Yet, we choose to fall for the people that don't breathe, like I have.

I hate knowing that no one understands. I mean, there are fangirls, but I don't know of any that live here, around me, where I could talk to them face to face, and feel welcomed instead of repelled. But, I have no choice. Loving this boy seems like a one-way street, and I'm on it. At the end, there's emptiness, and although there's tiny sparks of joy along the path, most is filled with pain and yearning.

I've fallen for a fictional character, and even though sometimes I wish I didn't, I cherish it, because maybe it's the only way for me to show my love until I find my breathing 'other half', which I may or may not have already.
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Almost every single sentence you used to describe your affection was like a mirror to my own relationship with my character of choice. I've tried to subtlety tell others about how hard it would be to love someone who couldn't be there for you, someone you couldn't hold in your arms, but absolutely no one understands. It's a tough life... Thanks for sharing, though.

I think it's brave of you to express your feelings so clearly. Maybe I'll get up the courage to talk about my experience as well - you really described some of the feelings I have really nicely! The 'one-way street' simile was good.

Who O.O

Glitch from Dance Central.

Cute :) Love your story by the way. Very romantic.

Ah, if you say so. A little embarrassing. Lol. But, thank you.

Your welcome.

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