Tigger And My Emotional Breakdown At Disneyworld When I Saw Him.

Dear Ep
I didn't realize how much in love I was with Tigger. Now my life is pretty crappy dealing with a drunk dad everyday of the weeks and A mom who is so kind and caring. So on March 25, 2009 when we went to magic kingdom for vacation I was very excited and being 14 years old at the time I was pretty much acting like a 5 year old again. So I had a lot of emotions built up inside me that I never let out but when I stood in line to meet tigger everything changed. So I stood in line like usual to wait to take a picture with tigger okay I was normal right? no anger, no tears just the normal me. I was next...

I give the guy my camera so he could take the picture. I walk up to tigger while he keeled down so we could take a snap shot. I give him the biggest hug ever and broke down crying. I wouldn't let go of him. That moment the dreams I had of tigger all came back to me. I am madly in love with this tiger. Me and him seem to make a perfect match. He would be the perfect boyfriend for me. I eventually let go because they was threatening to bring park security on me. We 2 pictures together. Before I left I give him a quick kiss on the nose and walked away fast.

I bet that person inside that tigger suit was like what the ****?!!! lol
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Nov 22, 2012