The Doctor

I am in love with the 10th Doctor...and that's all there is to say. It kills me that he isn't real.
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<p>&nbsp;<p><p>We all fall in love with someone's persona first. Our partners may only be a projection of our minds, of what we idealize as a person, so it's not surprising that you are living this experience to an extreme. We usually fall in love with the idea of a person. That is called lust and it can hurt like hell if it goes wrong. No wonder the number of divorces. Is it love what we always feel for someone else? Is it real? Maybe, why not? Everything that comes with passion, power and strength is real in our hearts. Love is a different thing and it detaches eventually from feelings of lust. It does not necessarily involve passion or excitement, but it can involve excruciating pain if we lose it. Contradictions of life that make sense...</p><p>There's a saying in Les Miserables which proclaims: 'To love another person is to see the face of God.' It's one of the most powerful statements about love I've ever heard and I'm agnostic. I can feel it, I can comprehend it, even though I am unable to understand it. I'm also talking about love in general. Because it is this love that is everlasting and sustains all the struggles and challenges of life. It is this love that teaches you how to love someone for who they are, even if we don't like them very much, funny enough. It is this love that teaches us the difference between reality and fantasy. Because both, reality and fantasy, build us into who we are; both bring pleasure, pain and construction. Both feel real and in some ways both are. There's a fine line between them. What is real in this world? Shall we call fantasy 'alternative reality?'</p><p>The media is the best example of creating illusions and making us fall for things that do not exist. However, people create things ba<x>sed on our dreams and expectations, the stem of life that keeps us alive. So who says they are not real? Nevertheless, only love can free us from the exhasperating dichotomy between fantasy and reality. Therefore, it's the passage from fantasy to love that will feed our souls. And we need, above all, self-love for that to happen.</p><p>Try to look for someone with similar characteristics to your 'doctor' as in persona, as in human workshop. Don't be too fixated on this, though. You're only young, so have fun in the process, but love yourself first. You'll have a few heartbreaks, but you will will build yourself to finding 'real' love.....and your real self.</p><p></p>

Well... the actor is real, isn't he ^^

good luck and stay strong.