Dean & Sam Winchester.

 I'm in love with the Winchester boys from the television show on the CW "Supernatural"
If you haven't seen it, it's on thursday's at 8 Central.

Both boys are just amazing. God damn it


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no way i looove Sammy, such a hottie and so sweet but can also be bad!!

Me 2! While I do Love me some Sammy I am a Dean girl for sure. I love his smile, his eyes, the way he handles a gun mmm, and... ah hell I love everything about the man. I guess I am just a sick individual lol


They are both handsome. Dean would be my pick though.

They aren't suppose to be supernatural. Their lives revolve around the supernatural.

They would look better with veins on top of their faces. I don't see how they are supposed to be supernatural.They can't even fly.

I agree that Dean Winchester is hot. Supernatural is an interesting show. I learned a lot about different paranormal things. It's cool.

I always fall in love with the characters of books. Like Lestat in The Vampire Chronicles.

Dean is def. the better looking of the two. The guy who plays Sam was actually the same guy who played on Gilmore Girls for a few seasons as Rorys first love. Then he came back for a season and then left to do Supernatural. The funny thing, is that in Gilmore Girls his name was Dean!! haha. Anyway, thats how I always see him, even watching the Supernatural.

Yes! Sexxxy! Well, at least Dean is. LOL. ;D