Sad Boundaries Of Reality

There's this fictional character named Conrad whom i really like.. but i know why, his character, attitude, and loyalty are the qualities of the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. He's my biggest inspiration, in fact, in one of my novels, i made him the hero and of course, I'm her leading lady.

But that's not the story that i'm going to tell. It's about me, my best friends that i'll call Jane and Sora, and guys named Hatori and Toshiro..

I met Jane when i was in high school, i'm so fond of her 'coz we're so much alike. We like playing badminton, tennis and video games. Also, we're both skilled on sketching and painting. One day, when she learn that i love creating love stories and i've already wrote three novels, she started showing me her creations too. Funny 'coz even our writing style is same so i'm really entertained whenever i'm reading her stories. A month after that, she started telling me about a guy whom she despised and like at the same time named Toshiro Omigawa, her Filipino-Japanese neighbor. Toshiro's grandfather happens to be a friend of Jane's father.

I'm so excited about Jane and Toshiro's love story, it even inspired me to create another novel.

After our graduation, I introduced Jane to Sora, my best friend since 3rd grade and the sister i never had. They become very close, specially when Sora's mom died, the only ones she have is her sister, Jane and me.

Month later, Jane told us about Hatori, Toshiro's eldest brother, and eventually Sora fell for him that she even printed his photo and put it on her wallet.

As far as i know, Hatori is indeed Sora's first love. That was the first time i saw her eyes twinkled and I'm happy for her.

But there's this one thing that I'm so worried about, Sora and I never saw even Toshiro and Hatori's shadow, we never even met them, and we only talk tru emails and internet chat.

I started feeling doubt but i ignored it because i don't want to think badly about Jane. She's my best friend, and it guilt me to even doubt her.

One day, i saw Matilda, Jane's friend and neighbor, and in my joy, i asked her about the what Jane told to me the other day, She, Matilda, and Belinda ~Matilda's sister, were playing badminton with the two Jap guys in front of Jane's house.

I was shocked on what Matilda said. "I never met those two, Jane's just telling me stories about them."

I said. "They live on the next street and 30 meters away but you never met them?"

"Nope, never got a chance."

I was puzzled. What the hell??

There's so many questions swimming on my mind but i remained silent about it. A week later i learned that Sora got the same suspicion. She discovered some 'flaw in Jane's stories' herself but we still remained silent.

Then one day, Jane asked me a question that makes our suspicions 50-50. "Do you think that's it's possible that a writer can... never realize the boundaries of fiction and reality? That, is it okay to think of your fictional characters as a real breathing human beings?"

I caught my forehead... what the hell?!!

Sora is in love with a guy who's just a product of one's imagination?!

I sigh pathetically... How the hell can I say this to her?!

I imagine how Sora would feel... and at the same time i thought, why would Jane do this to me? To Sora? To her friends?

And before i can say a word, i learned that Jane asked Sora the same question.

I saw the sadness on her face.

A month after it, i asked Jane... "Are you in love... with Toshiro?"

And she confessed.

Aw, s---
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Jan 8, 2013