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Just For Fun!

So, I love these things and decided to share this with you. My penpal sent it to me and it made me laugh - and, if I'm honest, blush. I have a very good imagination and I loved mine... *ahem* ANyway...

Pick your birth month for the first part of the sentence, birth day for the second and first letter of your first name for the final part. It's all boy's names in the list, but guys are welcome to play too :) Let me know what you got!!

January - I made out with
February - I ran over
March - I punched
April - I kissed
May - I dated
June - I painted
July - I tripped over
August - I played tennis with
September - I threw up on
October - I got drunk with
November - I went for a walk with
December - I dreamt about

1 - Harry Potter
2 - Donnie Darko
3 - Inuyasha
4 - Raphael (TMNT)
5 - Alvin (The Chipmunks)
6 - Artemis Fowl
7 - Indiana Jones
8 - Beast
9 - Cato (Hunger Games)
10 - Wolverine
11 - Ronald McDonald
12 - Ash Ketchum
13 - Tintin
14 - Robin Hood
15 - Marty McFly
16 - Peter Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)
17 - The Doctor (Doctor Who - pick your favourite incarnation!)
18 - Gene Hunt (Life on Mars)
19 - Count Dracula
20 - Percy Jackson
21 - Aang (The Last Airbender)
22 - Sonic the Hedgehog
23 - Bart Simpson
24 - Frodo Baggins
25 - Magneto
26 - TJ Dettweiler
27 - Hercule Poirot
28 - Jack Skellington
29 - Bugs Bunny
30 - SpongeBob
31 - Bruce Wayne

A - because that's how I roll!
B - because I was bored.
C - and it was awesome!
D - then ran away laughing.
E - in my parent's mercedes.
F - because the voices told me to...
G - while I was skydiving.
H - in a tractor.
I - on a bungee jump.
J - because i hate my life.
K - because I love him.
L - then I woke up.
M - in the nude.
N - and never saw him again.
O - and I'll never live it down.
P - and was caught!
Q - and I'd do it again!
R - and I loved it!
S - but I didn't mean it.
T - on a moonlit beach.
U - and I still have the scars...
V - at a live concert.
W - at a party.
X - dressed as a hot dog.
Y - and now I'm blushing.
Z - in a moving train.

Mine was: "I made out with SpongeBob on a moonlit beach." *sighs and daydreams... :P
LunarFelis LunarFelis 26-30, F 4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

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I threw up on Cato because that's how I roll! How embarrasing I actually have a crush on him!

I got drunk with The Doctor because that's how I roll!

mine is. i dated Ash Ketchum because I love him..

i tripped over hercule poirot and now i'm blushing. Lol