Not In Love But I Have A Crush

Ok, so I'm not in love with this fictional character, but I do have a crush on him. Now dnt make fun, or anything but it's true. The fictional character I have a crush on is Marshall Lee, the vampire king off of adventure time. Yes I know, but if I had to say so myself he's not that bad looking for a cartoon character. So now you know I have a crush on a fictional character XP.
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I agree😆😏

I totally understand . At on point (13) I was actually in love with( not in love, but I did have a crush on him ) Jim Hawkins from this movie item , treasure planet ... Weird , sad , but true

Haha I love that show

*SQUUUEEEEE* ^-^ FINALLY someone who shares the same love for Marshal Lee :3 he's so hawt xxooxxoo it's silly to think a cartoon character is hot but what's a girl to do? lol



I'm soooo excited for the new episode with Fiona and cake!!!

Awwwwwww you LOVE him *says in a childish voice*

*glares at you* oh shut up

Ill go get a camera for your wedding!

*punches you in the arm* haha very funny

Hmmm a werewolf/werelion marrying the king of vampires

*roles eyes*

Just don't kill him and hope that you domt turn red colored wolf instead of what color your supposed to be lol

Oh so cute

I'm gonna go get him on the phone and tell him you love him and to pm you abut getting married ok lol

Hmmm and how are you going to do that exactly? Incase you didn't notice it says "I'm in love with a FICTIONAL character" so he's not real

Donald glover is!


Donald glover Is Marshall lee!





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yep same with marceline,no joke,XD

Haha well at least you get to see her almost every episode

Marshall Lee is ******' rad so I totes don't blame you! :P Are you excited for the new Fionna & Cake episode in February? :DDDD

Yes!! I cnt wait!!!

Really me to I think Marshall Lee is Awesome and ya I do have a crush on him ♡haha =D

Better than the ice king xp

Lol! Yeah way better

Haha :) it's ok