I Love Him But..

I love Huey but sometimes I feel awful because to people who wouldn't understand would classify it as "substituted love" or say "it's not really love because real love is returned"..That tears me up on the inside and makes me cry..I know I love him,but sometimes I question whether or not this is true or I'm crazy.most days I cry,other days I don't let myself cry because I feel guilty and think "why are you crying over a cartoon character,why waste your tears on something that's not even real".other times I wonder if something like this is even possible..loving him hurts alot,but I try to look on the brighter side: I actually fell in love and I feel happy
mysterious77 mysterious77 16-17 3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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People who tell you that it's not 'real love' or that you're 'substituting' have no idea what they're talking about. Their mundane little minds can't comprehend the depth of your feelings so they decide they can't be real. Don't listen to them hun, and enjoy loving whom you love. They'll never hope to have that in their pathetic little lives.

there is nothing wrong with loving someone who is a cartoon i love steven abootman from south park my friend and i believe some where out there their are paralell universes but we believe in such as that please dont bash me for saying this its only a belief is all :) hope you feel better and if he makes you happy then love him

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