Multiversal Love

I saw a very inspirational story like this and thought I would share my own beliefs on this. Let me just say that this story is long and spiritual. Skeptics and non-believers please do not comment on this story! I am quite sure I will get "shot down" with negativity, but sharing my beliefs here and trying to lift the spirits of others is worth the try.

I think more about my "fantasy" world then I do this world. I quote that because I believe somewhere out there, my fantasy world is very real, and will be the world where my next life will take place.

What keeps me going every day is knowing that the "fictional character" (again, I quote that because I believe she is real in another universe) I love is very real, and I will soon be with her. I have been in love with her over 4 years, and will always love her! She completes me.

That world is my happy place, the world where I can escape from and be with her.
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i have a love intrest too his name is steven abootman from south park i have loved him for 2 years now and i believe he is my soul mate others may not agree but i agree on this right here thats why i joined this site to connect with others just like me and so i wont be judged by anyone its nice to read others thoughts :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Are you a creative, artist/writer type? It sounds like you are and there's nothing wrong with that. A lot of people who are creative live in their imaginations. My suggestion is to find a creative outlet to express yourself, such as writing. As for being in love with a fictional character, it sounds like you are a romantic type of person. I'm sure some real-life girl will appreciate your sensitive qualities. And who knows? Who am I to say that fictional characters don't exist somewhere? Sometimes I feel like they do, lol!