I figure if anyone can identify with this, it would be you guys...
As some of you might have figured out, I have a bit of a thing for SpongeBob, have had since I was sixteen. It doesn't worry me, I've always crushed on cartoon characters and have accepted that this is who I am.
I had a dream. It wasn't quite erotic, but... well, it wasn't far off. (Natural sponge is a lot softer than synthetic... ahem). Anyway, I'm a little confused because I identify as asexual and this is really the first time I've had thoughts like this about anyone, never mind my favourite spongey cutie. Any thoughts?
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I'm not sure... Paraphilia doesn't really fit, since characters aren't inanimate objects. I'm just guessing, but considering you were very fond of an imaginary friend, and you like Spongebob so much, it seems likely that the emotional attachment normally reserved for humans is manifesting in a love of characters and fantasies.

I mean, there have been times that I've wanted to love a character or an imaginary person (weird as that sounds) since it would be so much safer than a physical person.

That's an interesting point of view. Do you think it might be part of my asexuality?
And it doesn't sound weird at all :)

Keep in mind that I'm just guessing, but yes, I wouldn't be surprised if it was related to your apparent asexuality. Some fetishists (such as many zoophiles) literally do not get aroused by humans under any circumstances. I don't mean to imply anything negative, I'm just making the point that it's possible that your sexual orientation might not be absent, it might be turned towards characters or fantasy or something like that.

Lol, I'm not "turned on" by toons though. I don't experience those kind of feelings at all. I've never had a crush that was sexual in any way - it's more that I want to spend time with the various characters I've been "attracted" to. And please don't worry about offending me :D

Hmm, well, I've known another person who was asexual 99% of the time. Then randomly for a few days they started talking about how they wanted a gf or bf, and within the week they were back to being asexual. I don't know if they ever were aroused by the thought, or if they just wanted some kind of contact. It kind of disappointed me, to tell the truth, because our personalities were similar enough that we could have had something, was she not asexual. The point is that it could have been one random thing that won't generally affect your asexuality.

Thank you for your insight :) I really appreciate you taking the time.

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