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Why Cant I Just Get Over It?

i have already imagined my life with Huey freeman and how we will meet, first of all we share the same political views and i am extremely paranoid about the government watching me too, so i would use that to my advantage and just try to relate to him, the only thing i didn't consider is that fact that hes not real. even just typing those three words crushes my heart and almost brings tear to my eyes.

I have heard alot of things about parallel universes in the last couple of days but i am very skeptical, and even if huey did exist in another universe, it wouldnt be the huey that i fell in love with. Wanting something SO bad that you know you cant have is the worst thing in the world! i dont see a point to my life if i cant be with huey, and im not being dramatic or exaggerating, i really believe he is the only thing that can complete me, it feels like i have a piece of my soul missing, his show was the only thing that would keep me going and now thats gone too.
fufufiona fufufiona 13-15, F 1 Response Feb 5, 2013

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Don't be disenheartened (((hugs))) why don't you try writing about him? Put yourself in the story. I know it won't compare to actually meeting him, but it can be fun! What about getting the show on dvd? Then you'll always be able to see him.