You Cant Help Who You Love :)

Aparently we have no control over who we fall in love with we come to the terms to where we realize that everyone loves someone or something our hearts are completly diffrent so why feel as if we are ashamed or feel very akward for loving someone or something when our hearts are the one to judge that we are all diffrent and all have souls we can not help who we fall in love with even if it is a fictional caracter or what ever it may be but i know people are so judgemental now or days its hard to tell another so thats why i can connect with people on here who love the same thing as i do follow your heart talk to the people who would not judge you and who love you this site has helped me meet some of the nicest people i am glad i made an acount here its where you never have to feel judged by anyone its a great place :) thanks for reading and always follow your heart and dreams <3
ILoveStevenAbootman ILoveStevenAbootman
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

hey and thank you for reading you should always follow your heart truth is sociaty judges everyone we are all diffrent but we live on this earth together always follow your heart and smile because there is fate behind every thing in life <3 there is a reason why you love danny and there is a reason why i love steven <3 we do not know the explination for it neither do we know the explination to anything in the world but one day it will all come into place keep smileing and keep believing