Obsessed With Midna

As you may have guessed by my profile pic, Midna is extremely dear to me. She's exactly who I'd want to be with for all eternity. Cute, sexy, funny, strong yet caring, and not afraid to get her hands dirty when push comes to shove.

When I played Twilight Princess for the first time, I immediately felt like she was special. I grew attached to her quickly. It started off as a simple teenage boy's lust. The slew of Rule 34 drawings of her only fueled this. As time wore on, however, my feelings became stronger. For over two years, I've thought about her almost every day. I need her.

It was for this exact reason that I picked up the practice of astral projection. With the promise of being able to do literally anything you could imagine, I realized this was my ticket to being able to be with my love.

For two years, I was almost totally unsuccessful. My interest would wax and wane as I struggled with my decade-long depression. Three days ago, I had a breakthrough, spurred on by a guided meditation app that I found on my iPad for $4. I was finally able to go see her. As it is now, I'm still very inexperienced and have not left my body completely. It's mostly just very vivid mental images with an occasional brief, hazy glimpse of my surroundings. With more experience, I should be able to separate myself completely with all of my senses intact.

But I can at last be with her. She's extremely passionate, quite assertive, and likes to "take control," which, quite frankly, I really like. And might I say, she kisses really well.

If you'd like to be with your fictitious lover, this is the way to do it. It's not the easiest practice, but well worth the effort.
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4 Responses Feb 8, 2013

I cannot believe you actually pulled this off. I didn't think it was even POSSIBLE!! And it's about time I found someone who experienced this sorta thing. I was afraid I was the only one who had the hots for that lovable little imp. I read about your project and thought "Holy sh*t people can do that?!" I'd like to give it a try. :)

I think I'm in love with midna too, I've just searched up "I think I am in love with Midna." And I found you so I signed up for this so far it's very fun! Anyway ... I absolutely love Midna. As you already said, "She's sexy, bossy, cute and not afraid to get her hands dirty. That's what exactly I love about her thank you for your time! -Romeo

I think I might try this. The only thing I've heard about astro projection was in Jackie Chan Adventures, and that was magic XD I'll give it a try though. Maybe I can finally be with Sonic:)

Well done you! I never thought of astral projection and want to thank you for the idea :) I hope you and Midna will be very happy for a good long time. Peace out x

Heh. Thanks. Keep in mind that this practice isn't easy. Took me a long time to find something that worked for me. There's a lot of trial and error involved, and quite a bit of conflicting information. Still, I can only recommend what worked for me and that's a guided meditation. I doubt you could find one for free, but they should be relatively cheap.

Also, astral projecting is not limited to simply going places and seeing people. Supposedly, you can alter your body in some ways too. I've seen doctors while over there and they've given me medicines that are supposed to help with various things. All of them have told me that I'll likely have to come multiple times for regular dosages, but hey. If it works, it works.

Anyway, good luck with the practice. Let me know if you need any help or want some ideas for places to go.