I Have Crush On Toph Bei Fong...

 Yup, that stubborn and funny 12 years old girl from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is that one I love. 

It all started on some forum when someone mentioned "Avatar" and Toph... I thought then that she must be awesome, so I started to watch show (btw. that's really great cartoon). When I watched "The Blind bandit" (episode, where Toph first appeared) I realised that she simply owns that show, and she is amazing, have great character (she is simply ungirlish cute)... "Damn, I love her" I thought.

So there is my question - is it normal for 15 years old boy to have crush on fictional 12 years old girl?

Besides I feel something strange - that she is great only at her curent age, I can't imagine her mature... that's simply not her. And because of that I feel some kind of emptiness about that... what shpuld I do?

Zwykly Zwykly
Feb 16, 2009