I just really hate that many people seem to use "In love with" synonymously with "Obsessed with". I think it's really insensitive towards people who are, or have been genuinely in love with a character.
ChortlesOfDoom ChortlesOfDoom
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Sometimes even love can manifest as obsession. I don't know what love truly means, but everyone else claims that since he is not real, it is obsession.

My love is unrequited so it hurts.

Well said. Sometimes people just can't differentiate between mere crushes, admiration, obsessions and genuine love.

I wouldn't say "obsessed with" . People are obsessed with shoes or a band meaning they like it and can't get enough of it . I think when you read or watch a tv show etc. u get a connection like u know this person like they were a close friend etc.. Which isn't likely with a pair of shoes or a band. I think the word" care for " fits better in the situation .