I Am In Love With A Fictional Character

Hello everyone,  What I will tell, most people will find crazy, and I can't believe I actually admit this, but .. I'm desperately and irrevocably in love with a virtual character.

I used to get crushes on this anime/manga character throughout my childhood. I watched the anime he is in a lot. I fantasized about him and another character falling in love, though I must admit I replaced the other character's characteristics with that of my own. I put myself in place of that person so that I could live as if I were the one by his side.. As if we were 'special' friends..

When I got older, my feelings for this guy changed completely. I'm sure you have all heard the term "fan girl" before...well...it's gotten to the point, with me, I'm no longer just a fan-girl. I don't let out ear splitting "squees" whenever I see him anymore. I am...completely and desperately in love with him. I wrap him around many of my thoughts. He makes me feel loved in return...somehow. I really care about him...entirely...I would do anything for him. He is so amazing...unfairly beautiful...smart, calm and collected with a caring and protective instinct. His most distinguished trait is his sense of pride and fairness (which I find adorable). I just feel as if I can relate to him so well...in so many things...!

And now please don't think I don't know how it feels like to love a real man, I did and I got horribly hurt - more than once - I prefer spending the rest of my life just with my virtual love than being so greatly hurt by a real man ever again.

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That is how I feel about My Ciel Phantomhive. I am In love with him with all y heart. I cannot take my eyes of off him (he is an anime/manga character called Black Butler). Just like you I think of Ciel all day long 24/7 I hear his voice in my head and feel his arms around my waist. I see his smile and his beautiful eyes. I even married him today :D

I'm in love with Sash Lilac but maybe you will meet this anime in heaven! I hope for that with lilac...i feel you.

I feel you, Im in love with rainbow dash. But I always see her as anthro. with a human body, just blue. she got her wings tail and pony nose

Beautifully said, my dear, and I completely relate to and agree with what you've stated.

I'm going through the exact same thing...I'm in love with Uchiha Sasuke.

Trust me, I'm going through the same thing.... I'm in love with Naruto Uzumaki.... TT_TT<br />
Who's the character that you're in love with?

Yeah, I get that. It's like the movie "The Invisible"; their throats are bare, and the characters collapse into the arms of vulnerability without any notice of your existence. You paint whatever image you want of them, and, somehow, you feel like if they were real, they would see YOU. Where bironic heroes have elegance and yielding beauty. Where love is immortal and sometimes somewhat twisted, but where you can fantasize a mutual, ethereal connection. I wouldn't rule out all men altogether -- that's a bit rash, but I understand keeping your distance. Maybe there's a character in this world just waiting for you to discover him; perhaps you fit his characterization of a perfect soulmate.<br />
At least with someone in physical form, you can't close the book or finish the movie and feel desperately lost because they are a chimera. Sure, you can get ideas of what sort of man you want in real life, but also realize real men can't be everything you want them to be. You can't have them be your poster-board pin-up, for they exist out side of your mind. Yet, that is sort of what's so enticing about it all -- if you find the right one -- with endless mystery; perhaps some pages will never be told. That's intriguing.

"(but please don't think I don't know how it feels like to love a real man, I did and I got horribly hurt) - I prefer spending the rest of my life with my virtual love than being so greatly hurt by a real man ever again. =/ "<br />
Exactly. As do I.

P.S. About escaping from reality -- my friend R is a family therapist who sees mostly women and teens. She has them make a "book" about the kind of life they want / their heaven. R believes we make our own heaven and that we'd better make our own heaven on earth so that when we cross over our place will be there waiting for us. R has a big 3-ring binder herself that she shows to everyone of things like her perfect home and pics of beach scenes. She has a lot of beautiful pics in there that she's collected from the net or magazines. Then on like Sunday morning or something she'll take it out and look at it and add something or whatever. Just an idea if this is something you want to do. I started working on this for myself about 10 yrs. ago and finally got it for real. It does take some work but it feels pretty good when you get there. If you can't get there right now -- make your own "book." :)

Scarlet, I think it is beautiful and wonderful. ;) I especially loved this:<br />
"I wrap him around many of my thoughts. He makes me feel loved in return...somehow."<br />
It's such a beautiful way to put it. I wrap my Otherworld love around all of my thoughts. :D And yes, it is SO true about that making you feel loved in return... absolutely that feeling, and it proves that they are real doesn't it... I love this... safe, warm, LOVED feeling...

You should read the book "What Dreams May Come" by Richard Matheson. Don't see the movie. The movie's total crap. The book is way way better. Matheson's bibliography has 90 books in it that he read. What Dreams is about the different planes of existence and how some people exist on one plane and influence people on this plane, both positive and negative. It's really interesting. So don't say he's a fictional character. He just might be alive somewhere.