It Can Never Be, And That Stinks

From the first time I saw Psycho I had a little crush on Norman Bates. I mean, yeah, sure he occasionally turns into his mother and kills people, but he was sweet and sensitive and deep, and let's face it, 28 year old Anthony Perkins was dreamy. But recently, I find myself becoming more and mroe attached to Norman. I've taken Norman from Psycho, taken my research about Anthony Perkins and every other role I've seen him play and combinded them into one Super Norman Tony Joshua Dennis Bates. I listen to Norman--Tony's music (which I don't even really like that much) and it makes me tear up. I can't hardly stand to watch him in any sort of romantic role. I mean, Anthony Perkins was old and married and gay and dead before I was even born, so how can I love him more than I've ever loved anyone? It's not healthy, and I know it's not. But I just can't help it.

I guess, I would say that being in love with a fictional character is fine, so long as you don't let it cloud how you live your life. But I wouldn't recomend it because loving someone who you can never ever be with, regardless of looks or personality, is really just not a fun experience. Might I suggest, just a superficial celebrity crush?

PerfectCloudyDay PerfectCloudyDay
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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

There must be something about his appearance combined with his mannerisms that attract you, hopefully not some of his characteristics in his roles!<br />
Anyway, sounds to me like you are putting things in perspective. Your still really young and you will laugh about this (really hard) later.<br />
I remember having a huge crush on Jan Michael Vincent. I was totally in love and compared every boy to him and none compared. One day I went on Ebay and ordered the first movie I saw him in, "Sandcastles". <br />
I remember watching the movie years ago, I was completely taken in by it! I thought about movie and JMV all the time.<br />
Well, I attempted to watch the movie and it was TERRIBLE! LOL it really was!!! Everything about it was sappy and stupid to me, JMV was still cute, but not as cute as I thought back then.....<br />
:O)<br />