When we were kids I'm sure we all had crushes on fictional characters. I've had a crush on Aladdin...Peter Pan... Marty from back to the future...

Truth is, I've never been in love before in real life and I've had crushes that definitely couldn't happen.

The fictional chacter I'm in love with is Dean Winchester from the awesome tv show called "Supernatural"

The funny thing is that if Dean were a real person I wouldn't be his ideal girl. If you've seen Supernatural you'll know why. It's ridiculous but my heartbeat actually speeds up when I see him and I love (almost) everything he does- he's got many traits that I love.  

I suppose unrequited love feels something like this!

Although I am a bit worried that I'll never fall in love... I'm the type of person to like someone the moment I see them- then as I find out more about them I just get disappointed.

Anyway... Dean rocks!

If you have never heard of/seen an episode of Supernatural, you are missing out. :)

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

You said you like people when you first meet them, then get disappointed. Have you asked yourself why you do that? Like, do you expect them to be a perfect person, or to meet high standards and then they disappoint you when you find out they're just like the rest of us? Do you compare them to fictional characters? Do you expect hem to be a certain way because of the way they look or dress and then get disappointed when they act differently? I'm sure there's many reason for you to be disappointed by the people you like, but identifying those reasons could benefit you in the long run. You can learn to tolerate of even like some of their flaws, or they may still be dealbreakers. But if you know why people let you down, it may be easier to deal with it. Just my 2 cents :)