I Don't Care About The Real Actor, But I've Been In Love With Their Characters :)

I have had crushes on a lot of actors, actresses, and even animated characters (even an animal :P I really liked Nala from the Lion King). Some that I can think of now of the top of my head are Aladdin and Jasmine, Ali Landry's characters in both Repli-Kate (the real one, not the clone) and Who's Your Daddy (but the main guy's best friend kinda ruins a lot of the movie more me), Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor, almost every single one of Racheal Leigh Cook's characters, Emmanuelle Chriqui in everything, Jack Shepherd, Sawyer, and Kate Austin from Lost, Tom (John) Krazinski from The Office, Lucy Liu in everything, Kevin Costner in the Postman, the main guy in Jericho, Heather Graham in everything....ok, that's all I can think of right now. But I've had a LOT of crushes on characters, but they're only on the characters. I honestly couldn't care less about the actors or actresses themselves. Some of them, like Heather Graham and Racheal Leigh Cook just have that likeable quality to them no matter what kind of character they play, but others, I only like in one or two movies.


Anyways...who do I like now? Well, i'm really into the TV series Legend Of The Seeker. I started out with a huge crush on Richard Cypher, but that's kinda faded cuz he's become kinda annoying and I've fallen for his love interest, Kahlan. lol

KaBe22 KaBe22
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010