Is He Gay ?

I don't know where to ask and I'm confused right now. So I hope posting my thought here can resolve it.

I'm a straight girl.  I have crush on a guy I met at my university and wonder if he is gay or not.
He is two years younger than me. I met him two months ago in the competition. We were in one group. He is a great leader, funny and good looking.  He has many things I want in a partner and lover.

I did hang out with him only three times and with groups of people. I figured out that he has some traits very unusual as a normal boy. For example, I only see him being with female friends, even in FB, most of his friends are girls. I don;t know if a normal guy would do that. Secondly, he loves romantic film and love story like Twilight or such. I have read a lot of classic books and I find that only teenage girls love Twilight. Thirdly, he talks a lot. I haven't meet anyone that talkative to girls.

OMG. I really want to know if I have a chance or not. And it's the first time I met someone that actually made me pay attention.

Please give me some advice.

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2 Responses May 19, 2012

You can't figure out whether a guy is gay by what he likes... Sure, they are strange, but don't be stereotypical. You can ask him, or wait until he has a boyfriend. If you see him checking out guys or girls, it will prove what he is. He could be bi! Just calm down and subtly flirt with him, you know, capture his gaze and smile, etc., and if he pushes you away when you wear that gorgeous revealing outfit, give up. YOU DESERVE BETTER! You are a beautiful woman and deserve the best. Anyway, good luck! :)

This happened to me. I met a boy in school and completely fell in love with him, we became best friends. Then I found out he was gay and was totally heart-broken. We are still good friends now but I think about him every single day :/ And when I see him it is like falling in love all over again-so try hard to find out before you really fall in love!